Excessive attraction as a hindrance

Have you come across the fact that excessive appeal became a hindrance in some life situations? Paradoxically, man is such a creature that everything is possible for him.

So, Emma Hulse, a resident of London, got a job. UNIT TV needed an employee to perform some TV production tasks.

It would seem that nothing foreshadowed trouble, and the situation was quite natural.

However, once Emma went to work on the first day, the boss immediately told her to go home. He argued his position by saying that her place was on the podium, and not in the office.

The Englishwoman herself claimed that there was nothing challenging on her that day, and that she was dressed in ordinary pants and a blouse.

What do you think the head is right?

Anecdote to the topic

The boss declares to her subordinate: "You are obliged to quit, because your attractive appearance threatens my family life." In both!

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