Using clever words and popular expressions in your speech, it is impossible not to use idioms or idioms (they are the same thing). About them we will tell you right now.

Meaning of the word idiom

Idiom - is a stable combination of words, the meaning of which is not determined by the meaning of the words, considered separately. That is, idiom is, in fact, a kind of unit of language, and is perceived as an exclusively holistic concept.

That is why, when phraseological units are trying to translate into other languages, they sound incomprehensible or pointless.

Examples of idioms

The most prominent example is the well-known statement by Nikita Khrushchev, the head of the USSR, who promised US Vice President Richard Nixon that he would show Kuzkin's mother to the whole West. They say that the English translators, having heard this expression, faltered slightly, and then translated it like this: "I will show you Kuzma's mother."

Interestingly, idioms do not obey the current norms of the language. They may be with grammatical errors or some obsolete features (archaisms). But this is precisely the cultural magnificence of idiomatic expressions.

Russian idioms

To beat the thumbs up - to idle;

There is no doubt - no doubt;

Fooling around - indulge;

Without a king in the head, without a mind;

The Hamburg bill is truly, justly;

After sleeves - carelessly, carelessly;

Pull the cat's tail - do something slowly;

Gnaw granite science - learn;

Like a fish on ice - to no avail;

Go with the flow - do not resist.

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