Funny video about a dog

Dogs are the favorites of millions of people around the world. Their loyalty has become a legend, and their intelligence has become the benchmark.

We have already written the most interesting facts about dogs, and now we offer you a very funny video about a dog. The author of this video tells the following:

"I was lying on the bed and reading a magazine. When my beloved dog approached me, I decided to show her the photo of Julia Roberts. The husky’s reaction was simply amazing. She started backing away and then rushed out of the room completely alright. managed to record on the camera this unusual behavior of a pet ".


What caused this behavior of the dog - is unknown, but this video really looks extremely funny. It seems that if the Huskies were able to speak, then she would have said: "Yes, you remove this witch from me!".

What do you think, what caused such a strange and ridiculous behavior of a dog in this video?

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