The subject of inexplicable magnetism of personality is often congruence. Stop! And what is congruence? We will answer this question in this article under the heading "clever words".

Congruence (lat. congruens, -ntis - proportionate, appropriate) - this is the consistency of words and gestures, and in the broad sense - equality, the adequacy to each other of different instances of something.

For the first time this term was introduced into psychology by the famous American psychologist Carl Rogers.

That is, congruence in psychology means correspondence of word and deed. For example, when you say the word "yes", you nod your head up and down, that is, you vividly demonstrate congruence, since this movement of the head corresponds to our understanding of consent.

By the way, this term is synonymous with another clever word - authenticity.

What is congruence with examples?

The man is dressed in expensive, stylish classic clothes: a three-piece suit and a thin elegant tie. Of course, we expect from such a person, at least, the same behavior: that is, restrained, well-mannered and respectful.

If our “dude” behaves this way, then we can safely say that this is a manifestation of congruence, that is, conformity with external and internal.

But a negative example.

You are at a lecture, where a professor speaks about the dangers of smoking. He speaks enthusiastically and emotionally, explaining to the audience that no sensible person will smoke, as this is harmful, etc. etc.

However, as soon as a break is announced, and everyone goes outside, the lecturer first takes out a cigarette and lights it.

This will be an example of incongruence, that is, inconsistencies between what a person says and how he acts. It is possible that this will cause you cognitive dissonance.

The simplest examples of incongruent behavior are flattery, lies, situations where someone with a sad look talks about how much fun he has, etc.

We hope that now you understand what congruence is and how to explain it in simple words, by examples.

How to remember

To consolidate this term, it should be remembered that the concept of congruence exists not only in psychology, but also in geometry. And it's still easier there.

Two geometrical figures are considered congruent if, if they are superimposed on one another, their outlines coincide exactly. That is, it means the complete identity of the figures.

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