I was looking for a daddy, but I didn’t find that

This story happened in reality with an 18-year-old beauty from the UK. Anna Ryan from Kennington is pretty fast for her age, tired of everyday life, peers, supporters, and constant attempts to make money.

As Anna herself tells, she was tired of communicating with the immature guys of her age. She wanted to find an experienced man who himself would know what a woman needs.

Papic - middle-aged wealthy lover of a young girl, supporting her financially.

Working in sales, she began to raise money to go to Australia in search of a rich "daddy" who would fully provide her financially, in return for owning her at any time of day or night.

However, the friend of our heroine criticized the idea of ​​a distant trip. Instead, she offered to use for this purpose a popular dating site. And indeed, why go somewhere, if technology allows us to solve such “trivial” questions right from home.

So, in the evening, Anna sat down at the computer to fill out a form on the site. Excited, she filled in all the boxes and noted the disagreeable item "Sweet Baby."

In her own words, she was a little nervous when she pressed the "Finish" button. But now everything is over, and it remains only to wait for a call or message.

After a while, a letter from a certain James Walsh actually arrived at Anna’s mailbox.

Turning to his profile, the 18-year-old beauty was amazed. It turns out that she was lucky from the first time! From the monitor of the computer the pleasant face of a red-haired handsome man with a brutal beard looked at her.

But all this is unimportant, because the income of her potential boyfriend was more than 50 million sterling a year! And this promised the heated imagination of the young lady a sharp change in her fate.

James seemed to be a stock trader. He had his own apartment in Chelsea, where he lived and worked. However, he often traveled to his other offices in Dubai and Edinburgh.

In the correspondence, James immediately said that he had no time for long acquaintances and the empty formalities associated with it. Therefore, they immediately exchanged phone numbers and began to call up.

Over the next 7 months, they chatted on the phone every day. James Walsh sent her photos of his favorite car - Lamborghini.

Moreover, he occasionally told her about his business, saying that he began to engage in the gold mining industry, so that his income increased significantly.

The impression that eighteen-year-old Anna was under was difficult to describe in words.

After his work allowed to come to the city, they agreed on a first date. Anna says that she was very worried, because she never had a serious boyfriend.

However, the sweet anticipation of the meeting slightly spoiled one circumstance. The fact is that James asked Anna to meet him from the train in her car. Like, his Lamborghini is now in the service station because of some kind of breakdown.

But she so wanted to ride on a cool car through the city!

The meeting at the station was warm and joyful, because they had already been talking on the phone for 7 months. Stunning costume, elegance, manners - everything betrayed him a rich gentleman.

They stopped at a restaurant and had a great dinner. James paid cash and generously tipped the waiters, flashing expensive Rolex watches on his wrist.

A few days later he arrived again and again asked her to pick him up from the station because his car was still being repaired. This embarrassed Anna a little, but she decided that premium-class cars are longer in the service station.

After this dinner, Anna said that her parents were leaving home, and that such a chance should not be missed. In short, they went to her. On the way, customers and assistants called him again and again. He replied to everyone efficiently and competently.

Late in the evening, he said that he had already prepared a wardrobe for her wardrobe in her apartment in Chelsea, and a hotel had already been booked in Dubai for their joint trip.

Being in the sweet fantasies of an idyllic future life, Anna was brought back to reality by the unexpected mention that the court had fined James £ 5,000 for some mistake of his worker. However, this is not a problem, and he will settle everything.

The next morning the topic of the fine was raised again. Moreover, the unlucky millionaire stated that his bank accounts were temporarily blocked and asked if she had 5,000 for a short time.

Confused, Anna began to invent something, but the tone of her lover suddenly changed.

“I need the money now,” he growled, and his Chelsea soft accent turned into a rough Manchester roar.

Calling her selfish, he began to threaten that he could be put in prison or he would now jump off the bridge.

Anna Ryan, completely confused, gave him a bank card, where all her savings were. He promised to pay only for a fine and return this amount to her in the coming days.

Arriving at work, the poor girl could not recover, scrolling through the morning scene that happened to her strange rich man.

However, she was finally thrown into despair when a bank notification arrived on her phone that all her savings had been withdrawn.

Later in the evening, James wrote her an SMS, saying that everything is in order, and tomorrow he will pick her up after working at a restaurant at Ferrari. He asked for forgiveness for being rude.

But trust has been eroded to the end.

Arriving home, Anna began to search for a phone number and photos of information about her fiance.

Her grief, anger and resentment knew no bounds when she discovered that the rich "papik" she was looking for was not James Walsh at all, but a scammer David Overton.

On the Internet, there was information that this villain had already deceived several girls. He just gave himself up as a successful stockbroker, and then lured them out of their savings.

After telling her mother everything, she wrote a statement to the police the very next day.

When David was arrested, Anna found on Facebook contacts of other victims of this Don Juan and contacted them.

They gave all the necessary evidence, and the fraudster was put in prison.

“I understand that I will never return my money, but I am pleased to realize that this scamp will no longer be able to deceive other naive girls,” said Anna.

She added that her experience of finding a rich "daddy" turned out to be very bitter.

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