Life is beautiful or a few tips from Chekhov

Before you is Anton Chekhov’s literary masterpiece. After reading it, you will understand that life is really beautiful, and if you wish, you can always find something to rejoice.

The astonishing artist of the words Chekhov managed in his own manner to convey a deep meaning in a rather humorous story. Enjoy!

Life is Beautiful

(Attempted suicide)

Life is unpleasant, but it is not very difficult to make it beautiful. To do this, it is not enough to win 200,000, get the White Eagle, marry a pretty one, be seen as well-intentioned - all these benefits are perishable and amenable to habit.

In order to feel happiness in yourself without interruption, even in moments of grief and sorrow, you need to: a) be able to be content with the present and b) be happy with the consciousness that "could be worse."

And it is not difficult:

When matches in your pocket light up, then rejoice and thank the sky that you do not have a powder magazine in your pocket.

When poor relatives come to your dacha, it’s not paler, but triumphantly, exclaim: “It’s good that this isn’t local people!”.

When a splinter hits your finger, rejoice: "It is good that it is not in the eye!"

If your wife or sister-in-law plays scales, then do not lose your temper, but don’t find a place for yourself that you are listening to the game, and not a howl of jackals or a cat show.

Rejoice that you are not a horse horse, not a Kokhovian "comma", not a trichin, not a pig, not a donkey, not a bear, which the gypsies drive, not a bug ...

Rejoice that you are not lame, not blind, not deaf, not dumb, not cholera ...

Rejoice that at this moment you are not sitting in the dock, you do not see the creditor in front of you and you are not talking about the fee with the Turbo.

If you live in not so remote places, then can you not be happy at the thought that you didn’t manage to get to so remote?

If you have a single toothache, then rejoice that not all your teeth hurt.

Rejoice that you have the opportunity not to read the "Citizen", not to sit on the cesspool, not to be married to three at once ...

When they take you to the station, jump with delight that you are not led to hell fire.

If you are whipped with a birch, then jerk with your feet and exclaim: "How happy I am that they whip me not with nettles!".

If your wife cheated on you, then rejoice that she cheated on you, not on your fatherland.

And so on…

Follow, humanely, to my advice, and your life will consist of continuous glee.

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