USSR through the eyes of the artist

Most of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space are immigrants from the USSR. Many of us tremblingly recall our past life in a huge country that is no longer there.

However, the magic power of art is capable of bringing us back into the past, enlivening what has sunk into oblivion.

Pictures of the amazing artist Gubarev, which we offer you now to see, are able to touch the innermost strings of the soul of a former Soviet citizen.

Valentin Alekseevich Gubarev - an outstanding Belarusian painter and graphic artist, working in the genre of naive art.
Born in 1948 in the city of Gorky, Nizhny Novgorod region. He graduated from the Gorky Art College, after which he entered the faculty of graphics of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.
Since 1975 he lives in Belarus. Since 1991, his exhibitions are regularly held in France.
Gubarev's works are in museums and private collections around the world. His works are exhibited at auctions in London, Paris and Vienna.

On his paintings, newspapers write exclusively positive reviews, because they always have something dear, kind and close to each of us. Here is one of the quotes:

It is easy to tell about the paintings of Valentin Gubarev - they are very literary, subject, concrete. But when you look at them, it remains that which is impossible to convey in words. It remains a sad smile, a little childish, naive and wise. As if the truth has just appeared to you, and you have learned the answer to one of the eternal questions ...

Today, Valentin Gubarev lives and works in Minsk.

His paintings are called nothing less than "The modest charm of undeveloped socialism." Looking at his pictures, located below, you can not disagree with this statement.

Subtly noticed nuances and amazing details raise whole layers of memories of our common past.

We hope you enjoy it.

So, before you the USSR in the paintings of the artist Gubarev.

The modest charm of undeveloped socialism

Autumn Sausage angels Indian summer On a visit to the brother-in-law Waiting for the sunrise At the entrance In the village Inspiration The evening was a success In the evening Return of the prodigal husband Railway station Country house Country Sketch Childhood Jackpot Waiting for a husbandFor water Casserole with caramel. Mom and son on the pot. Hardened or walk Winter evening in Smorgon Stripping card game How fast time flies Beauty is a terrible power Light bulb Lenin in October Love in a small townLove is At the train station Taps Can't sleep New Year Night dreams Mulling Furgeym Theory He came Rereading Schopenhauer Noon Walk with a dog Ptah Pink evening The modest charm of undeveloped socialism Just you and me Thirty years together Lesson for the ball Swimming lessons in anticipation of global warming I'm charming and attractive

We hope that you liked the pictures from the series "The modest charm of undeveloped socialism." The USSR through the eyes of an artist is a truly amazing art that cannot be treated indifferently.

We recommend you to pay attention to the famous paintings of the brilliant Italian artist Caravaggio, as well as to the extraordinary drawings of Lermontov.

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