Fun facts about mushrooms

We bring to your attention fun mushroom facts. Surprisingly, for a long time there was a debate between scientists about which type in the classification of living organisms mushrooms should be attributed.

And all due to the fact that the fungi combined signs of both plants and animals. Truly amazing and rich world of nature! Here it is worth noting that mushrooms are the most diverse living creatures on our planet, and one of the most ancient (along with ferns).

As a result of lengthy research, scientists made an unusual decision. They identified the mushrooms in a separate class of organisms, and called it the Kingdom of Fungi. From the point of view of science, they did absolutely right.

In this collection you will learn many interesting facts that you will surely surprise.

  1. Honey mushroom is considered the largest organism in the whole world. Its mycelium covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 900 hectares of land, and is about 2500 years old.
  2. Most of the body of the fungus falls on the mycelium (vegetative body of fungi), which is located in the ground. Mycelium can spread over vast distances. The mushroom itself, located above the surface of the earth, is its fruit.
  3. Breeding mushrooms spores.
  4. In the Amazon jungle, mushrooms grow, spores of which rise high up. This creates a condensation effect, with the result that it begins to rain over time. So we can safely say that these mushrooms affect the weather, changing it at their discretion.
  5. The most expensive mushrooms are truffles. An interesting fact is that the price of 1 kg of such a delicacy can be equal to 7 000 dollars!
  6. Panther fly agaric and toadstool are the most poisonous mushrooms. One such fungus is enough to poison several people. By the way, no treatment, including thermal, can destroy the toxicity of these organisms. Therefore, it is better not to joke with mushrooms.
  7. It is authentically known that the Roman Emperor Claudius was poisoned by his own wife Agrippina, who fed him with soup from a pale toadstool.
  8. Mushrooms, like people, produce vitamin D under the influence of sunlight.
  9. Science knows more than 140 species of fungi that cause people to hallucinogenic sensations. It is interesting to note that this is why there is a famous idiom: "What are you, stuffed mushrooms?".
  10. Most mushrooms grow in the direction of sunlight, but biologists still do not understand why this happens. Probably, they also like warmth.
  11. The hardest substance in terms of biology is chitin. It is a hard, colorless or translucent substance, tough to the touch and insoluble in water. Contains chitin in mushroom spores.
  12. An interesting fact is that the spores of some species of fungi can "freeze" up to hundreds of years, while maintaining the ability to live. That would be a man knew how, like these mushrooms!
  13. The viability of the mushrooms is simply amazing, as they can easily withstand high radiation. So, in the early 2000s, a whole mycelium was found right inside the Chernobyl reactor.
  14. Their vitality is even more impressive because they can easily exist on the surface of sulfuric acid, where it seems that all living things are instantly destroyed.
  15. Interestingly, there are fungi that can produce antibiotics. With their help, fungi destroy other organisms that take nutrients from them.
  16. In China, about 70% of all mushrooms are grown and exported to the world market.
  17. Veselka vulgaris is the fastest growing mushroom. Its growth rate is 5 mm per hour.
  18. Tinder mushrooms grow on the surface of trees and can live for more than 70 years.
  19. Mushrooms, like people, are separated by gender. This fact is confirmed by the peculiarity of their DNA structure.
  20. Some types of fungi can emit a glow at night.
  21. Mushrooms contain large amounts of protein and virtually no cholesterol.
  22. An interesting fact is that mushrooms have a fantastic "punch" ability. During growth, their turgor pressure (the internal pressure that develops in a plant cell when water enters it) can reach 7 atmospheres. This is equivalent to the internal pressure wheels KAMAZ. Thus, the mushrooms can even break through the marble: if not with a cap, so mycelium.
  23. Mushrooms throw spores to a height of about 2 m, in the amount of 1 trillion. And this is more than the stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
  24. In addition to eating, mushrooms are actively used in pharmacology for the preparation of various medicines.
  25. Plasmodium fungus can move on the surface of the earth. For a couple of days, he is able to overcome a distance of about one meter.

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