Snake island

In the world there are a large number of beautiful and exotic places, cities and countries. However, there are those where being alone there can be life-threatening. One of those corners on the planet is Snake Island.

Queimada Grande or Snake (port. Ilha da Queimada Grande) - an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 35 km from the coast of Brazil exactly south of São Paulo. Included in the list of the most dangerous places on Earth

Despite all the magnificence of nature, there you will not see any hotels or shopping centers. No one lives on Snake Island, and the whole island square is covered with dense forests and stones.

The local aborigines did not just give the island the name "Snake". About 12,000 venomous snakes inhabit its territory.

Among them is one of the most poisonous - spearhead. Her poison instantly acts on a living organism. It leads to the death of tissues, resulting in rapid death.

According to statistics, only on one square meter of land, there are about 5 snakes here! Now it becomes clearer why neither people nor animals live on Snake Island.

In order to avoid accidents, the Brazilian authorities have imposed a ban on visiting the Snake Island. Despite the fact that the country is in close proximity with him, none of the Brazilians hesitate to visit it.

A lighthouse is installed on the island, which operates automatically. The Brazilian government has banned even approaching this place. Once upon a time on the island of Serpentine rangers lived with their families, but, unfortunately, they all were destined to die from snake bites.

Practice has confirmed that coexisting with these reptiles is simply unrealistic, and even more so to escape from them. Despite the fact that people always tightly closed the doors and windows behind them, this did not help them survive.

Snakes living on the island are very aggressive and can skillfully disguise and adapt to environmental conditions. In anticipation of the victim, they can remain stationary for a very long time.

It is fair to say that these reptiles live not only on Snake Island. They can be seen in other regions, such as South America. During a hunt, snakes lurk in the grass, and then make a surprise attack on their prey.

Their poison, as we have said, has an instant effect on a living organism. It leads to the decomposition of the protein, thereby causing instant death. Such a quick reaction of the poison is explained by the fact that birds are the main food source of these snakes.

After all, so that the victim could not flee, it must be immobilized immediately. In addition to birds, snakes prey on lizards.

In the view of many, Snake Island is a true hell on Earth. Those who dared to get close to him could observe with their own eyes the large balls of living snakes. Such a terrible picture can bring fear even to the most courageous and desperate people.

Despite all the horror that Snake Island inspires, it is considered to be truly unique in its kind. This is the largest territory on the planet, which is a natural serpentarium (snake terrarium).

Environmentalists defended the preservation of this island, which since 1985 was taken under the protection of the state and received the status of the reserve.

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