Interesting facts about China

Interesting facts about China have always attracted the attention of curious people. After all, China has one of the oldest stories in the world, which is full of unusual events, discoveries and inventions.

Today, China occupies one of the leading places among the countries of the world, both politically and economically.

We have prepared for you the most interesting facts about China and its inhabitants. Enjoy your reading!

China is very polluted

Many Chinese cities have very dirty air. Especially this problem concerns such cities as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Research by environmentalists suggests that a person staying one day in such a city harms his body equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes.

In 2013, a case occurred that occurred with an eight-year-old girl. She was diagnosed with lung cancer caused by air pollution, which is why she became the youngest patient with this disease.

In the same year, in one of the Chinese cities there was such a strong smog that it was difficult for the residents to see the animals they were walking on the street.

In the capital of China, in the period 2002-2011, the incidence of oncology has increased from 63 to 10,000. In the past 30 years alone, in this country cancer mortality has increased almost 5 times.

Amplifiers taste

Sodium glutamate, which is one of the most popular flavoring additives in the world, is used in China in all dishes without exception.

When buying products you can check its availability in the composition. It is referred to as the food additive E621.

2 liter plates

Chinese soup is very different from ours. In fact, it is a broth, which the Chinese eat after the main meal. In Chinese restaurants, visitors serve soup in two-liter plates.

Such a large portion is explained by the fact that residents of this country usually have dinner with friends. Therefore, a two-liter plate serves as food for the entire company at once.

"Capitalist" sites

An interesting fact is that in communist China, access to known western Internet resources is blocked.

The authorities bring up real patriots from citizens, from childhood "pointing" them with the correct outlook on life. Today, China remains one of the most closed state systems.

Of course, the Chinese are far from North Korea, but socialism in any case implies some restrictions.

As a rule, the Chinese learn about events in the world from textbooks and the Internet, limited by censorship. Such popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter are considered officially closed.

However, it is interesting that, according to the research, about 100 million users in China bypass the lock in one way or another.

Ignition of ritual money

Burning ritual money, the Chinese are trying to pass it on to their dead. According to tradition, this money will help the dead person to improve his life in the next world.

As a rule, such customs can be seen only at a funeral. In this regard, the Chinese are somewhat reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

More expensive than meat

An interesting fact is that animal by-products in China are more expensive than meat. A real delicacy for the Chinese, unlike Europeans, are the kidneys, liver, paws, and even the heads of animals or birds. Therefore, their prices are much higher.

Chinese immediacy

In everyday life, Chinese often behave like children. They can safely lie on the bench or take some unusual posture in a public place.

While yawning, the Chinese do not even try to cover their mouths with their hands, not to mention the fact that it is quite normal for them to spit and burp in the company of people.

An interesting fact is that for this reason, even in trains and subways, you can see signs saying "do not spit".

Living Charms in China

The Chinese are quite cynical about animals. For example, they have sold charms with live turtles or fish. They are simply placed in small plastic containers, which are then hooked onto keys or other things.

Naturally, neither animals nor fish can survive for long in such conditions, and after a couple of days (and sometimes months) they die. But it does not matter, because the Chinese will again go to the market to buy for themselves a non-standard key chain.

Live foods in China stores

In Chinese supermarkets, live turtles and frogs can be sold in shop windows. The buyer can choose the product he likes, which will be immediately scored and wrapped in the appropriate packaging.

Drinks in a cafe

In China, visitors, coming to the cafe, can take with them drinks. An interesting fact is that the food in the country is quite cheap. For a relatively small amount of money a person will be able to make a good order. Drinks can either buy on the spot, or bring with you.

56 nationalities live in China

China is a multinational state. However, more than 90% of the total population falls to the Chinese (Han). The overwhelming majority of the indigenous people of China are atheists.

Among religions, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity are the most popular.

Today, about 7% of Chinese are Christians. An interesting fact is that, despite the active struggle of the current government with Christianity, the number of Christians is steadily growing.

Sworn enemies

Surely you know that China and Japan are sworn enemies. Moreover, their opposition is deeply rooted in history. By the way, interesting facts about Japan, read here.

For many centuries, these countries have been hating each other. In many ways, the enmity between them is due to the disputed territories. In the 20th century, the conflict broke out with a new force, which led to terrible consequences:

  • More than 35 million people were killed or injured;
  • Losses from military conflicts reached $ 600 billion;
  • About 8 million prisoners, taken both from one side and the other, were used as workmen;
  • The Japanese tortured Chinese prisoners and tested various types of biological weapons on them. There was a case when Japan began bombing China with fleas infected with bubonic plague.

Slotted trousers

Chinese children do not wear underwear. Moreover, at the age of 5, parents wear trousers with a slit between their legs.

Obviously, such clothes help the child’s body breathe.

Little buddhas

A Chinese child is a little Buddha, so he can literally everything. Interestingly, at the age of 5 years, children are allowed to do everything that comes to their head, because they are considered holy creatures.

A child can make noise and indulge, without fear that he will be punished for it. Moreover, he is even allowed to relieve himself on the street or in a restaurant.

Chinese online shopping

Chinese online stores are very popular. You can buy almost any thing in them, up to the fragment of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Also, if you wish, you can use different types of services or even rent a person.

Chinese food is very fatty

In China, pork, fish with a side dish, pasta and, of course, rice are considered the most popular dishes. All these products are prepared with the addition of a large amount of oil, which is why food becomes excessively oily.

In the morning, the Chinese on the streets do Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a type of Chinese martial art, which is also practiced as a breathing gymnastics. Many Chinese dwellers take to the streets in the morning to spend time on Tai Chi.

Dating in transitions

An interesting fact is that, despite the large number of nations, the Chinese find it rather difficult to find a life partner. Due to the long study and many hours of work they do not have time for dating.

As a result, an original solution was invented. In the underground passages began to indicate special places in which people can get to know each other.

Also there you can leave some letters or postcards with your contacts or wishes.

Chinese flavors

In the shops of China you can see unusual products, which in our understanding seem very strange. Here are a few of these "oddities":

  • sweet gingerbread with onions;
  • chestnut biscuits;
  • meat sweets;
  • colored bread;
  • sweet smoked sausage, etc.

The Chinese do not consume milk and cottage cheese

This trend has been traced for a long time. If milk is still sold in the supermarket, then you definitely won't find cottage cheese and ryazhenka there. Cheese is on sale, but only foreigners buy it.

Where to give birth

Before giving birth, many Chinese women who have such an opportunity move to Hong Kong to give birth to their child there.

The fact is that Hong Kong has a special status, although it is part of the PRC. Its citizens have the right to visa-free entry to European countries and certain other privileges.

Trees for Chinese sticks

About 20 million trees are cut down in China each year for the production of 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks.

In order to make such a number of sticks, the Chinese have to cut down not only their trees, but also additionally purchase wood from other states.

Well, a very interesting fact about the Chinese

Did you know that wealthy Chinese sentenced to imprisonment hire twins for themselves to serve their time in prison?

In China, this practice is really common. The people even appeared the term - "ding zui", which translates as "to replace the criminal".

Chinese wedding with a ghost

In such weddings, one or both spouses are dead. How long this ritual has appeared is difficult to say.

It is held with the following purpose: if a widow wants to prove her love to her dead husband, she can marry him again so that her lover will be happy in the other world.

By the way, we recommend to get acquainted with the shocking tradition of digging up the dead in Indonesia.

Cave people

Some Chinese still prefer to live in caves, as primitive people. Earlier we wrote about a unique Chinese village in a cave.

An interesting fact is that the number of Chinese living inside the caves is larger than the population of Australia? More than 30 million Chinese today live successfully in stone dwellings, where it is cool in summer and, on the contrary, warm in winter.

Chinese Fake Eggs

Do you know, the Chinese have learned how to make artificial eggs? One inhabitant of this country can produce more than 1000 pieces per day.

It should be noted that these eggs are similar to real eggs only externally. They differ significantly in taste and composition.

Material measures of success in China

According to surveys, more than 70% of Chinese people evaluate a person’s success by the things he was able to acquire.

There is a case when a Chinese man bought 99 iPhones just to show his worth.

On vacation with the boss

Chinese billionaire Li Jinyuan took 6400 of his employees on vacation to Paris. For this, he had to book about 140 hotels.

He also organized various excursions for his employees, after which he invited them to relax on the azure seashore. An interesting fact is that such "antics" on the part of bosses in China are not a rare case.

Taobao selling villages

Not so long ago, residents of Chinese villages in Jiangsu Province worked in the fields and engaged in animal husbandry. However, their lives soon changed dramatically.

Today, part of this population exists due to sales of goods on Taobao and Alibaba. They make furniture, clothing and various equipment. The number of such villages is gradually increasing.

Chinese mosquito factory

In the Guangzhou area, a huge mosquito factory is operating safely. Every day, factory workers unleash more than 100,000 sterilized mosquitoes.

This is done to combat dengue fever, against which no vaccines have yet been invented. About 22,000 Chinese die each year from this terrible disease.

Half Chinese don't take time off

Such an unusual decision of Chinese civil servants is explained by the unwillingness of workers to make a bad impression on management.

They try to do everything possible to gain the trust of the authorities and have good prospects for career growth.

90% robotic factories

In China, the construction of a plant has begun, where robots will perform all the main work. The factory plans to produce various parts for mobile devices.

This practice is becoming more common, and there are 2 key reasons:

  • The lack of a sufficient number of people who want to work in a factory;
  • Low cost of remuneration of specialists.

An interesting fact is that the second reason explains the first.

Smokers' public confusion

In 2015, Chinese authorities tightened the ban on smoking. It concerns those people who, contrary to the law, smoke cigarettes in the wrong places.

Now, if a smoker is caught three times, information about him will be posted on the official website of the government.

This will cause the violator to "lose face". For the Chinese, this can be a real disaster.

China is building a city without cars

The government of the People’s Republic of China plans to build a city where more than half of its area will have gardens.

The authors of the project want to prove that a city with a large population can be environmentally friendly.

Chinese ghost town

In 2007, the Chinese built an exact mini-replica of the capital of France - Paris. Initially, the architects planned that about 10,000 people would live in this city.

However, at present there are no more than 2,000 citizens living there. The creators of the Chinese "Paris" also planned to build there educational and medical institutions, but the project was frozen.

Prisons without trial

An interesting fact is that it is in Beijing that many illegal prisons are located. As a rule, they put those Chinese who, on arrival in the capital, decided to complain about the local authorities.

People can be kept under arrest from a couple of days to several months. Often prisoners have to pay bribes to be free.

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