Biography Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev is a Russian state and political figure. His figure is largely controversial and ambiguous. However, in politics it can not be otherwise that all biographies of statesmen show.

Regardless of how most people treat him, he is an important component in the political mechanism of the new Russia.

We offer to your attention the biography of Medvedev.

Short biography of Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev was born on September 14, 1965 in Leningrad. His father, Anatoly Afanasyevich, was a professor at the Leningrad Technological Institute. Lensoveta.

Mother, Julia Veniaminovna, taught at the Pedagogical Institute. Herzen After some time, she began working as a tour guide in Pavlovsk.

Childhood and youth

Dima was the only child of his parents, so they did everything possible to give his son a good upbringing and education.

While studying at school, he especially liked chemistry, to which he devoted a lot of time. For this boy even sacrificed walks with peers.

The ideas of communism, popular in that era, greatly influenced the future biography of young Medvedev. In this regard, already in adolescence, he sought to become a member of the Komsomol.

In 1982, he entered the law faculty of St. Petersburg State University. In addition to his interest in studying, Dmitry was also fond of weightlifting.

He, like many of his comrades, really liked rock music. For hours he could listen to songs of famous western groups that had fantastic popularity among young people.

Soon Medvedev had a camera, thanks to which the young man became seriously interested in the art of photography.

Despite the fact that in his student years, Dmitry participated in military gatherings held in north-western Russia, he never served in the army.

After receiving a law degree in 1987, Medvedev wanted to continue his postgraduate studies. Interestingly, in parallel with this, he was moonlighting, cleaning yards and getting 120 rubles for his work. per month.

Political Biography of Medvedev

The first mayor of St. Petersburg, A. Sobchak, was once the supervisor of Medvedev. Even then, he noticed a promising and intelligent student, appreciating his professional qualities.

Therefore, as soon as in 1990 Dmitry defended his Ph.D., Sobchak would invite him to become his adviser, to which he gladly agreed.

Soon he met Vladimir Putin, who was also in the team of the current mayor.

A year later, Medvedev became a freelance expert of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Administration of St. Petersburg, which at that time was led by Putin.

It was from that time that his biography was inextricably linked with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Medvedev with Putin

In the period 1993-1996, Dmitry Anatolyevich was a co-founder of the company "Finzel", and also headed the legal department in the corporation "Ilim Pulp Enterprise".

In 1999, Medvedev moved to Moscow in connection with obtaining a new position. He becomes deputy chief of staff of the Russian Government.

Dmitry Medvedev, 2001

Then he is approved for the post of first deputy head of the Presidential Administration. Medvedev's political career is constantly going up.

In the future, he occupies different high positions, each of which achieves good results.

In 2001-2008 Dmitry Anatolyevich worked as deputy chairman in Gazprom.

Election campaign

Since autumn 2005, major changes have occurred in Medvedev's biography. On TV, they began to show campaign clips campaigning for his candidacy in the upcoming elections.

At the same time, a website was developed, where everyone could get acquainted with its program. According to surveys, in 2007, he inspired confidence in more than half of Russian citizens.

By the end of that year, his candidacy was supported by Putin, who was running out of the second term of the presidency, and who, under the Constitution of the Russian Federation, could not run for the highest post in the country for the third time in a row.

Before the election, Medvedev promised that if he became president, he would leave all other positions he occupied at that time.

President Medvedev

On March 2, 2008, the overwhelming majority of voters voted for Medvedev, thanks to which he was able to win the elections by a large margin.

It was a real triumph of his political biography.

After receiving presidential powers, he publicly stated that he intended to improve the economy and carry out social reforms.

The start of the presidency of President Medvedev was accompanied by the beginning of the financial crisis and the exacerbation of tensions in Georgian-Russian relations.

The politician himself later said that he could not even suggest that an armed conflict could occur between Russia and Georgia.

Medvedev called Mikhail Saakashvili the initiator and culprit of the “five-day” war. It was possible to restore peace on August 12, 2008, with the support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

According to experts, the foreign policy pursued by Medvedev had both positive and negative sides.

Despite the good relationship with Viktor Yanukovych, and then Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine has not entered the Customs Union.

In addition, relations spoiled the "gas" scandals, which are constantly mentioned in the media.

However, the reforms carried out in the social sphere yielded good results. During the reign of President Medvedev in Russia, population growth began, incomes of citizens increased by 20%, pensions doubled, and many families were provided with new housing.

According to experts, the level of security in the country has increased due to the corresponding changes carried out at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Because of the growing criticism of the mayor of the capital, Yuri Luzhkov, Medvedev decided to dismiss him from his post. Sergey Sobyanin was appointed instead.

Despite many successes and achievements, the work of Dmitry Anatolyevich caused discontent in society. He was accused of conniving at corruption, and also in the absence of real power.

Further biography of Medvedev

After Putin was elected president in 2012, Medvedev became prime minister of the Russian Federation, and was also elected chairman of United Russia. In 2017, he was involved in a corruption scandal.

The representative of the non-systemic opposition Alexei Navalny published a loud investigation under the scandalous title “He’s not Dimon to you”.

It presented to the public various corruption schemes of the former President Medvedev, as well as his luxurious mansions located in different countries.

This film became a real sensation and scored multimillion-dollar views on the Internet. An interesting fact is that Medvedev himself refused to comment on the video in any way, which significantly reduced his rating and the level of public confidence.

Soon, rallies were held in various cities of Russia. People wanted to hear from the government explanations about the sensational film.

As a result, after a few weeks, Medvedev still made a statement, which, in fact, was not informative. He said that all the accusations against him are fabricated and have nothing to do with reality.

However, Medvedev’s political biography was rather saturated with such compromising materials, so this was hardly a blow to him.

Hobbies and personal life

Dmitry Medvedev is married to Svetlana Linnik, with whom he met during his school years. In 1989, they got married, and after 6 years they had a son, Ilya. In the family Medvedev live two cats and four dogs.

Medvedev and his wife

Prime Minister Medvedev is registered in various social networks, thanks to which he communicates with the citizens of the country and informs them about key events. In this, he looks like an American president, Donald Trump.

Medvedev is a fan of Apple technology. In 2010, when he was able to visit the United States, Steve Jobs presented the then president with a new iPhone 4 model, which was not yet sold in Russia.

Interest in photography, which was manifested by Dmitry Anatolyevich as a young man, still remains. On his page in "Instagram" you can constantly see new photos with him and his loved ones.

Medvedev today

Re-occupying the post of prime minister in 2018, Dmitry Medvedev thanked the State Duma deputies for their confidence in him. In mid-2018, he initiated the law on raising the retirement age.

At this, Medvedev's biography does not end there, because his political activity may still present the most unexpected surprises. But this is a matter for the future.

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