What is a quest

Surely you often heard the word "quest". But what it is, and what is the meaning of this term is not all.

We offer you a variety of interesting facts about quests. But first of all, let's see what it is all about.

What are quests

The word "quest" comes from the English "quest", which literally means - search. A quest means a task in which a participant or group of people must find this or that thing, overcoming various difficulties.

In the games of the genre quest, the hero is engaged in searching for objects, solving riddles and using all sorts of clues.

At each stage, the player has to use his logical thinking and intuition to proceed to the next level.

Computer quests

Quests are one of the most popular genres of video games. By controlling your character, the player needs to carefully examine the given space.

In quests it is extremely important to be able to find clues and make the right decisions. There should not be in a hurry, because any mistake can lead to loss of points.

From what tactics the player chooses for himself, the outcome of the game will depend directly. The main feature of the quest can be called the fact that, without solving the previous task, the hero will not be able to proceed to the next one.

Popular quest projects

Some of the very first quests were created in 1984 under the common name - Kings Quest.

Over time, the graphic image and special effects have improved significantly, but the foundation laid in this series has become fundamental for the quests of the future generation.

Among them, the Monkey Island series of computer games is very popular.

They represent a teenager who wants to become a pirate.

He participates in various sea adventures, searches for treasures and solves riddles.

Also of great fame was the project "Traveler", in which you can travel in time.

In the quest "Broken Sword", the hero George Stubbart is presented along with his girlfriend Nicole Collard.

When the book about the young detective Nancy Drew was published in the 1930s, it immediately became popular among young people. In 1998, the company Her Interactive decided to take advantage of the success of this character and released a quest with his participation.

This series has become special if only because she managed to attract women into the world of video games.

Undoubtedly, you can not ignore one of the most famous quests "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey". In this game, in addition to deep reflection, players have to run fast, look for safe shelters, and also participate in the confrontation.

"Catch fish big and small"

It is unlikely that you will wonder what the quest is if you know Russian Fishing. This game is liked by many users of the Russian-language Internet.

It can be played alone or with friends. At the beginning, the participants are given a certain task, which explains what kind of fish and how much should be fished out of the reservoir.

Those who manage to cope with this quest are paid virtual money, as well as some advantages in completing their future mission.

"Myself Creator"

The peculiarity of these quests is that users can independently create simple games of the "action" genre. Usually they have poor graphics, since the main focus is on the quality of the plot.

The passage of such a quest takes an average of several hours. The most famous representatives of this genre can be called games such as "Gemini rue", "Cirque de Zale", "Kings Quest-3" and "Remake".

"Team Odyssey"

The uniqueness of quests of this kind is that a whole group of people participate in them. During the game, anyone can show their talents in one form or another, communicating with other participants.

Following a given route, the team performs various tasks and solves riddles. It is very important for each team member to think outside the box and make creative decisions.

By the way, pay attention to the features of lateral thinking.

If necessary, players can share tasks, making it possible to significantly reduce the number of errors.

Web quest

A web quest is a modern educational technology that allows a teacher to train students using the search capabilities of the Internet.

The uniqueness and advantage of web quests is that they combine the gaming potential, along with the possibility of obtaining new knowledge. In the preparation of a task, the teacher gives students links to the necessary resources.

If the student does the task, he makes a report on the web quest website. Tasks can be calculated, both for a single person, and for a group of people. By content, web tests are evaluative, creative, scientific, etc.

Lesson quest

Having learned what a quest is, it remains to highlight such a thing as a lesson quest. In fact, this is the same educational technology that allows you to assign tasks to one or several people.

In conclusion, a detailed report is made in the form of a presentation on what results have been achieved.

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