Dyatlov Pass

If you like various secrets and riddles, then the story about the Dyatlov Pass, of course, should be familiar to you. In this article we will examine in detail all the facts related to the mysterious death of the Dyatlov group.

Despite the fact that the death of individual tourists and entire tourist groups is not a unique phenomenon (at least 111 people died during ski trips from 1975 to 2004), the death of Dyatlov’s group continues to attract the attention of researchers, journalists and politicians - even more than half a century ago on the central TV channels of Russia.

So, before you is the secret of the Dyatlov Pass.

Mystery Pass Dyatlova

On the border of Komi and Sverdlovsk region, in the north of the Urals, is the mountain Kholatchakhl. Until 1959, in translation from Mansi, its name was translated as "Dead Peak", but at a later time it was called the "Mountain of the Dead".

For unknown reasons, many people died on it under a variety of mystical circumstances. One of the most mysterious and mysterious tragedies occurred on the night of February 1, 1959.

Expedition Dyatlova

On this frosty and clear day, a group of tourists consisting of 10 people went to conquer Holatchakhl. In spite of the fact that tourists-skiers were still students, they already had sufficient experience of climbing the mountain peaks.

The group leader was Igor Dyatlov.

Igor Dyatlov and two students from the group - Zina Kolmogorova and Lyudmila Dubinina

An interesting fact is that one of the participants, Yuri Yudin, was already forced to return home at the start of the ascent.

His leg had a lot of pain, so he could not physically overcome a long distance with his comrades. As it turns out later, this sudden illness will save his life.

Dyatlova Group

So, the expedition set off in the amount of 9 people. With the onset of darkness, on one of the mountain slopes Dyatlova group made a pass and set up tents. After that, the guys had dinner and went to bed.

It is worth noting that, according to the criminal case, the tent was installed correctly and with a permissible degree of inclination. This suggests that no natural factors threatened the lives of members of the expedition.

After studying the photographs subsequently discovered by the investigation team, it turned out that the tent was set up at approximately 6 pm.

Tent group Dyatlova, partially excavated from the snow

And at night something happened that caused the terrible death of the whole group of 9 people.

When it became clear that the expedition was gone, the search began.

Mountain of the dead

During the third week of the search, the pilot Gennady Patrushev noticed from the cockpit the Dyatlov Pass and the dead tourists. An interesting fact is that by some chance the pilot met with the guys from the Dyatlov group on the eve of their fatal ascent.

This meeting took place in a local hotel. Patrushev knew and understood the dangers of the famous “Mountain of the Dead”. That is why he repeatedly tried to dissuade climbers from climbing it.

Group of Igor Dyatlov on the eve of the tragedy

He even tried to interest them with other peaks, doing everything possible so that they abandoned the planned campaign. However, all the efforts of Gennady were in vain, since the goal of the tourists was the "Mountain of the Dead".

When the rescue team was on the pass where the tragedy occurred, a terrible picture opened up before it. Two people were lying near the entrance to the tent, and another was inside it.

The tent itself was cut from the inside. Obviously, the students, driven by some kind of fear, were forced to cut it with a knife, and then run off to the side of the mountain in a semi-nude form.

Mystery of the Pass

Special attention should be paid to the study of footprints that the dead children left on the pass. When studying them, it turned out that for some unknown reason, members of the Dyatlov group for some time ran around the pass in zigzags, but then again gathered in one place.

The impression was that some kind of supernatural force prevented them from running in different directions from the threatened danger.

Dyatlov Pass

No extraneous objects or foreign traces were found on the pass. There were no signs of hurricane or avalanche either.

Traces of the Dyatlov group are lost on the border with the forest.

Also, the investigation found that two students tried to make fire near the pass. However, for some reason they were in the same underwear and, most likely, died of frostbite.

At 1.5 kilometers from the tent and down the slope at 280 m, near the high cedar, the bodies of Yuri Doroshenko and Yuri Krivonischenko were found

Igor Dyatlov himself lay in visible proximity to them. According to experts, he probably tried to crawl to the tent, but he did not have enough strength.

But this is not all the mysteries of the tragedy on the Dyatlov Pass.

The death of the group Dyatlova

On the bodies of 6 students no damage was identified, however with the other three participants the situation was different. They died as a result of multiple injuries with multiple hemorrhages.

Their heads were pierced right through, some of the ribs were broken, and one of the girls had a brutal tongue. An interesting fact is that the investigation team did not find any hematomas or even abrasions on the bodies of the victims.

The autopsy results generated even more questions. Cracks were found on the skull of one of the tourists, but the skin remained unharmed and intact, which in principle can not be when receiving such injuries.


Since the death of the Dyatlov tourist group caused a serious stir in society, prosecutors-criminologists came to the place of the tragic pass. They managed to discover some more unexplained phenomena.

They noticed burned tracks on the trunks of spruce trees growing on the outskirts of the forest, but no sources of ignition were found. The experts concluded that it was likely that some heat beam was directed at the trees, which damaged the spruce trees in such a mysterious way.

Such a conclusion was also made because the rest of the trees remained intact, and the snow at their base did not even melt.

As a result of a detailed analysis of all the events that took place that night on the pass, the following picture emerged. After the tourists barefoot overcame about 500 m, they were overtaken and destroyed by some unknown force.


During the investigation of the death of Dyatlov and his companions, the internal organs and things of the victims were examined for the presence of radioactive substances in them.

Here, investigators also expected an inexplicable mystery. The fact is that experts found radioactive substances on the surface of the skin and directly on the things themselves, the appearance of which was impossible to explain.

Indeed, no nuclear tests were conducted on the territory of the Soviet Union at that time.


There was even a version that a UFO was guilty of the death of the Dyatlov tourist group. Perhaps this assumption was due to the fact that in the course of the search operation, rescuers saw some fireballs flying over their heads. No one could explain this phenomenon.

Moreover, on the last day of March 1959, for 20 minutes the locals observed a terrible picture in the sky. A huge ring of fire moved along it, which then disappeared behind the slope of one of the mountains.

The witnesses also said that a star had suddenly appeared from the center of the ring, which slowly moved down until it was completely out of sight.

This mysterious case led to the dismay of the already frightened locals. People appealed to the authorities to engage scientists to carefully study the mysterious phenomenon and explain its nature.

Soon an article titled "Unusual Celestial Apparition" was published in one of the newspapers. However, when rumors reached the party workers to consider a version with a UFO, it was decided not to develop this topic.

Who killed Dyatlov's group

For a while, the investigation team assumed that representatives of the local Mansi people who had already committed crimes of a similar nature were guilty of killing skiers.

Police officers detained and interviewed many suspects, however, in the end, all of them had to be released due to lack of evidence.

The criminal case on the fact of the death of Dyatlov tourists on the tragic pass was closed.

Photos of the members of the tour group on the monument (the initials and surname of Zolotaryov are broken with errors)

The official wording was rather abstract and vague. It claimed that students died due to "elemental force, which the tourists failed to overcome".

The true cause of the death of the tour group on the “Mountain of the Dead” was not established.

The latest news about the group Dyatlova

From the moment of the tragedy and up to the present day, many different versions of the death of the Dyatlov group have been put forward. In total there are more than 60.

Some believed that the cause of the death of tourists was ball lightning, others suggested that the man-made disaster was to blame.

The protocol stated that the skin of the dead had an orange or purple color, and on the clothes, as mentioned earlier, a radiation background was detected.

The body of Igor Dyatlov with his right hand

An interesting fact is that absolutely all the dead students from the Dyatlov group turned out to be gray. This is only possible when people experience extremely strong fear or panic.

There is a version that students died as a result of the fall of the rocket. This assumption appeared due to the fact that a ring belonging to one of the Soviet missiles was found near the site of the tragedy.

Bomb blast

There is an opinion that the Dyatlov tour group was killed due to the “Vacuum weapon”, which was allegedly tested in 1944. This is largely due to the fact that the skin of the dead had a reddish tint, and internal bleeding was also detected.

Similar signs can be observed due to a vacuum explosion. But in this case, everything is not so clear.

The fact is that the development of vacuum types of weapons began only at the end of the 60s of the last century, as a result of which this version cannot be considered seriously.

Dyatlova Group in 1959

On the tape of the students who were killed, investigators found the last frame, causing many heated debates among researchers. It captured incomprehensible light spots on a dark background.

Some say that the picture was taken at the moment when the film was taken out of the camera. According to another version, this frame was made by one of the dead at that moment when he felt the danger was approaching.

Dyatlov group shortly before its tragic death

Currently, there are 9 main versions of the death of members of the expedition Dyatlova:

  • avalanche convergence;
  • spy version of the "controlled delivery";
  • man-made disaster or test weapons;
  • killing a group by the military;
  • sound exposure;
  • conflict between skiers;
  • attack of fugitive prisoners;
  • murder by brigands mansi;
  • paranormal activity.

Unfortunately, none of the nine assumptions can fully explain the cause of the terrible tragedy that occurred on the Pass of the Mountain of the Dead in 1959.

And although this terrible story happened more than half a century ago, it is still covered with mysteries and riddles. Perhaps in the future, more advanced equipment will help experts to solve the case of the terrible death of Dyatlov's group of tourists on the “Mount of the Dead”.

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