Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci are still in great demand. After all, the genius of Leonardo is not only a great scientist, researcher and thinker, but also an amazing painter.

Art in the life of Leonardo da Vinci was manifested not only in paintings, which, by the way, he wrote for a very long time. In his heritage, we find many of the most versatile hobbies, one way or another connected with art.

But the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, of course, stand out. We will not indulge in the art history analysis of his works - this is the work of specialists.

We just offer them for viewing. So before you All paintings by Leonardo da Vinci.

"Annunciation". Considered the earliest surviving work of Leonardo da Vinci "The Virgin and Child and St. Anne" "John the Baptist" "Epiphany" "Leda and the swan""The Lobbying of the Holy Babies" "Madonna Litta" "Madonna with a carnation" "Mona Lisa" "Portrait of a musician"

Unfinished paintings

There are also some unfinished paintings by Leonardo. Here are the three main ones:

"The Virgin and Child, St. Anna and John the Baptist" "Girl's head" "Saint Jerome"

The fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

And this is perhaps one of the most famous works of the great Leonardo. Only The Last Supper is not a picture, as some people think, but a fresco.

Keep in mind that this is a photo of the original masterpiece, not a reproduction. So you are looking, in fact, to work 500 years ago.

"Last Supper"

Leonadro's drawings and different graphics

The legacy of Leonardo da Vinci is very extensive. However, he encrypted most of his works in every possible way, and simply destroyed much.

Below you can see different pictures of Leonardo da Vinci, drawings and other graphics. All of them are made by the hand of a genius.

"Battle of Anghiari" "Vitruvian Man" "Female portrait in profile" "Madonna with a spindle" Aristotle and Campaspe Atlantic Codex Windsor code Warrior in helmet and armor, pictured in profile Two horsemen fighting a dragon and sketches of horses Arundel Codex Codex Trivulcio Ashburnham Code Leicester Code Leaf with pictogramsMadrid Code Sketches of a cat and dog About the game of chess Sketch of a grotesque portrait Sketch of grotesque portraits in profile Sketches for "Christmas" or "Adoration of the Infant Christ" Sketches by Leonardo, Ugly Faces

Sexual intercourse

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