Photo of Kirkorov

Photos of Philip Kirkorov are very popular among his fans. This is not surprising, because the artist's appearance is really very bright and unusual.

In the biography of Kirkorov, we talked in detail about his life, children and career.

In this post, we just show you the most famous and popular photos of the singer. An interesting fact is that throughout his work, he changed his image dramatically several times.

We will try to show you all his images, and even those photographs that were taken in early childhood and early youth of Philip Bedrosovich.

So, before you the best rare and unique photos of Kirkorov.

Photo by Philip Kirkorov

Here are collected pictures of different years. In this compilation, Philip is presented in the highlights. If you have not seen a photo of Kirkorov in childhood, then you will be especially interested.

Philip Kirkorov with his parents Kirkorov in childhood Philip Kirkorov in his youth

Photos of Kirkorov with Anastasia Stotskaya Philip Kirkorov on his birthday, 30. 04. 2017 Vladimir Putin and Kirkorov. Awarding the Order of Honor, Kremlin, Moscow, 2017

Photos of Kirkorov and Pugacheva

From 1994 to 2005, Kirkorov was married to Alla Pugacheva. Here are their joint photos.

Philip Kirkorov and Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin

Photos of children Kirkorov

On the Internet quite often looking for photos of children Kirkorov. Here are the most interesting pictures from the life of kids.

Mother of children of Kirkorov

The mother of the children of Kirkorov is a mystery, over which ardent admirers of the artist fight. However, there is no official information on this. It is only known that both children of Kirkorov were born using surrogate motherhood.

Photos of Kirkorov and Natalia Efremova

One of the alleged genetic mothers of the children of Philip is Natalia Efremova. Here is a photo of Kirkorov and Efremova.

Photo son Kirkorov

Kirkorov's little son's name is Martin-Kristin. Here are some of his photos.

Philip Kirkorov's son Martin with Andrey Malakhov

Photos of daughter Kirkorov

And finally, the photo of Kirkorov's daughter - Alla-Victoria. I wonder who in the future will be a little beauty ...

Photo of Alla Victoria with a friend - the daughter of Ani Lorak Sofia

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