Elon Musk

Ilon Mask is an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder of the company "PayPal" and "SpaceX". Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO and main ideological inspirer of the world famous company Tesla.

For outstanding services to science on May 9, 2018, Ilon Musk was awarded the membership of the Royal Society of London.

According to the data of the magazine "Forbes" in 2017 its capital exceeds $ 21 billion.

In the biography of Mask there are quite a few interesting points about which we will tell right now.

So, before you biography Ilona Mask.

Biography of Ilona Mask

Ilon Rive Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria (the capital of South Africa). His father, Eroll, was an engineer. Mother, May, worked as a nutritionist and model.

Interestingly, Ilon's parents grew up in the same yard, so they knew each other well. In addition to Ilon, another boy and one girl were born in the Mask family.

Childhood and youth

From an early age, the future inventor was a very reserved and taciturn child. By the way, the great physicist Albert Einstein was just as uncommunicative in his youth.

Ilon spent days reading books, managing to read two sets of encyclopedias.

An interesting fact is that Musk has a photographic memory that allows you to hold and reproduce in detail the image of an object or phenomenon.

However, the more he learned, the more this irritated peers. At school, Ilon was constantly mocked and repeatedly beaten, and once even broke his nose.

Ilon Musk and his brother Kimball

When Maska turned 8, his parents divorced, leaving the children to live with his father. The head of the family was a very tough and demanding person.

He often took with him both sons who had to work at a construction site to work. Thanks to this, they got a lot of useful skills.

When Ilon reached the age of ten, his father presented him with a computer. Soon he was able to master a programming language, and even create his own video game. Subsequently, he will sell it for $ 500.

Interestingly, Musk did not spend the money he earned on any entertainment or acquisitions peculiar to his age.

Instead, he began to invest the funds in one pharmaceutical company, noting its promising growth.

Soon Ilon Mask was able to gain a substantial amount from the sale of shares. As a result, he and his brother decided to leave for Canada, despite the father’s ban.


Having settled with their relatives, Ilon enters the Queen’s University in Kingston. He then continues his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His college years were much more fun than school years.

Mask had many friends with whom he often organized parties. For such a lifestyle, he was almost expelled from school. However, he still managed to finish it and become a bachelor of physics and economics.

Start Career Mask

The first company in the career of Mask and his brother was "Zip2", founded in 1996. They borrowed money for start-up capital from their father.

Zip2 has been developing software for news companies. In less than 3 years, the brothers will sell it for $ 308 million.

As a result, sales Ilon received $ 22 million, and invested the bulk of the funds in the new project. For the remaining money, he bought a sports car "McLaren F1".

This was only the beginning of successful beginnings in his biography.


In 2000, Ilon met Peter Thiel. Together with him, he decides to create an electronic monetary system that could be used throughout the world. Soon the project was successfully launched.

Peter Thiel and Ilon Musk in the company "PayPal"

After some time, the founders had a question about which brand to choose for a developing payment giant: X.com or PayPal.

As a result, a conflict arose, since Ilon Mask categorically supported the X.com brand. Ultimately, by decision of the board of directors, Mask was fired from the company. At the same time, some considered such a decision unfair, since many of the ideas that contributed to the development of the company belonged to Ilona.

In 2002, eBay bought PayPal for $ 1.5 billion. On this sale, Musk, having 11.7% of the shares, earned $ 180 million. He invested almost the entire amount in his SpaceX and Tesla Motors projects.


Since childhood, Ilon was read science fiction. Perhaps for this reason, in 2002, he created a large company, SpaceX, which was engaged in the manufacture of launch vehicles and spacecraft.

After 6 years, NASA has entered into a contract with SpaceX for an amount in excess of one and a half billion dollars.

In 2016, the Ilona company announced that it plans to fly to Mars in the near future. According to their calculations, this should happen before 2025.


In 2003, great events took place in the biography of Ilon Mask. He became the ideological inspirer and leader of Tesla, and also invested about $ 70 million in it.

Tesla and today continues to successfully produce cars that run on electricity.

By the way, you probably guessed that Tesla was named after the outstanding inventor and “conqueror of electricity” - Nikola Tesla.

Personal life

The first wife of Ilona Mask was Justin, with whom he met in his student years. The couple got married in 2000. They had six boys, but after 8 years of marriage, they decided to leave.

The second wife in the biography of Mask was the actress Talula Riley. This union lasted 6 years, after which the couple divorced in 2016

A year later, the inventor married a third time. His chosen became the actress Amber Heard. It is curious to note that before this girl was married to Johnny Depp.

In 2018, Musk appeared in public with Canadian singer Grimes, which caused rumors of his new romance. However, there is no reliable information about this.

By his own admission, Ilona Mask, he has trouble sleeping and uses sleeping pills.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, some members of the Tesla board of directors expressed their concern about this.

Smoker Ilon Musk

In September 2018, Musk visited the show of American comedian Joe Rogan. During the conversation, Rogan suggested he smoke a mixture of marijuana and tobacco live.

The founder of Tesla agreed, after asking the comedian, is it legal.

Ilon Musk smokes live

Musk also said that he rarely smokes marijuana, explaining that the drug does not affect him.

After this broadcast, the next day, Tesla shares fell by 10%, and the smoking Ilon Musk became a real meme on the Internet.

Ilon Musk today

To date, Ilon Musk is still in the spotlight. At the end of 2016, he joined the Presidential Forum on Strategy and Policy.

The purpose of this organization is to advise the US president on issues related to the creation of new jobs and the economic development of the country.

In the same year, Ilon Musk founded another company called "Neuralink". She is studying and inventing devices designed to treat the human brain.

On October 7, 2017, Musk helped restore electricity in Puerto Rico after a severe hurricane.

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