Brain development

Each of us wants to be smart. And this is quite a normal desire for a healthy person.

However, in order to achieve this goal, you need to make some effort and diligently engage in brain development. We will talk about this in this article.

The famous character Ostap Bender had four hundred relatively honest ways to take money. Surely there are more ways to develop the brain. However, we will not list all.

We will talk about the key and most effective ways that have passed the test of time.

It is also worth saying that all the proposed tips can be applied regardless of age.

Under the heading "Self-development" over the last month, the article "5 habits that will keep your brain young" has gained particular popularity.

Most people appreciated the advice listed there, but some expressed regret that these recommendations are too familiar, and even outdated.

But here we must honestly admit that practically all the great truths are extremely simple. The problem begins when we try to apply them in life, and not just to be content with theoretical knowledge.

So if you really want to develop your brain and become smarter, use 7 simple ways that you will learn right now.

  1. Neuron Training

Neurons are cells of the nervous system. It makes no sense to talk about their importance, because everyone understands their absolute importance for our lives. In the human brain, there are about 100 billion neurons.

To ensure the smooth operation of mental activity, they can and should be trained.

To do this, perform the usual actions not with the hand that you used to do it, but with the opposite one.

That is, if you are right-handed, use your left hand in everyday life: open the front door with it, type SMS, eat with your left hand and hold your toothbrush with it.

In general, do with your left hand all the actions that the brain has programmed long ago under the right hand. This will be a powerful workout for your neurons, and will allow them to consolidate new connections, which will noticeably boost your brain.

  1. Getting information "different"

Our brain is so arranged that it gets used to everything. So in order to stimulate it, you need to do everything differently. Obtaining information in this sense is one of the most important points.

If you are used to receiving information in text form from the screen of your smartphone - try listening to audiobooks instead, and instead of searching for text lectures, try to study the material using video lectures.

If you know a little foreign language, try using foreign language websites when searching for simple information.

All this will force the brain to work at the limit of possibilities, which will undoubtedly affect the overall level of its development.

  1. Read otherwise

We will not talk about the importance of reading, as this is a separate big topic. But to read differently, or in another way - this is one of the ways to become smarter and develop your brain.

For example, learn speed reading. That is, learn to read several times faster than you usually do. There is a huge amount of materials on this topic, so you can easily find the method that suits you.

Also, begin to predict what the author of the article will say with such a headline.

According to neuroscientists, your brain will simply be forced to compare what you imagined with what the author really tells you.

The result of this work will be an increase in the power of your brain and its indispensable development.

For example, you read the title of this post: "Brain Development". So, before you start reading it, you would have to literally figure out for 5-10 seconds what exercises for the development of the brain you want to recommend.

With this approach, the brain resource will increase significantly, and its analytical and creative abilities - to develop.

  1. Development of numerical sense

Numerical sense is the ability of the brain to visually determine the number of elements without a direct count.

This skill can be practiced in everyday life. For example, pouring change on the table, quickly take a look at it and try to determine the total amount of coins.

Driving past the bus stop - estimate the number of people standing there, and looking in the evening at the windows of a multistory building, think for how many windows the lights are on.

Scientists say that this technique stimulates one of the oldest structures of the brain, which, of course, has a beneficial effect on its development.

It is also extremely useful to perform any operations with numbers in the mind. For example, count to one hundred and back, calling only even numbers, then vice versa - only odd numbers.

The remaining three methods are related to general recommendations, which are no less important.

  1. Proper nutrition

As you know, the brain is the most "voracious" and energy-intensive human organ that needs proper nourishment.

Whole grain breads, oatmeal, rice, buckwheat porridge, fruit, and most vegetables are very good for the brain.

Walnuts are rich in lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on human cognitive functions and activates memory.

Fish contains iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. Consequently, it will help increase the reaction rate and lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Spinach is rich in lutein, which protects brain cells from premature aging.

Also do not forget that for full functioning, sufficient amount of water is extremely necessary for the brain.

  1. Sports activities

Neurologists have found that regular physical exercise significantly improves blood flow to the brain, which has a beneficial effect on cognitive abilities.

That is why during sports, whether going to the gym, morning jogging or an active evening walk, it is recommended to listen to smart books or learn a foreign language in audio format.

In this case, the information will be acquired much better than if you were sitting at home on a comfortable sofa.

  1. Correct sleep

In our life there is such a thing that adults love terribly, and children hate terribly. As you guessed, this is a dream.

And even despite the fact that the effect of sleep on the human body is not fully understood, the harm of lack of sleep is an indisputable fact.

After all, in a dream, the brain processes and assimilates the information received in a day, so if you regularly lack enough sleep, you can cause great harm to your gray cells.

Another thing is that the duration of sleep for all individual. However, scientists argue that the average person needs to sleep at least 7, but not more than 9 hours.

Let's sum up

In order to be guaranteed to develop your brain, you need to adhere to 7 rules:

  1. Train neurons
  2. Get information differently
  3. Read otherwise
  4. Develop a numerical sense
  5. Eat right
  6. Do sport
  7. Get enough sleep

Watch the video: How Does a Child's Brain Develop? - Susan Y. Bookheimer PhD. UCLAMDCHAT Webinars (April 2020).