Stendal is a famous French writer, one of the founders of the psychological novel. In his works, Stendhal masterfully described the emotions and character of his heroes.

In the biography of Stendhal there were many interesting facts about which we will tell right now.

So before you brief biography Stendal.

Biography Stendal

Marie-Henri Beyle (pseudonym Stendhal) was born on January 23, 1783 in Grenoble, France. He grew up in a family of lawyer Sheruben Beyle.

The mother of the future writer, Sheruben Beyle, died when he was barely 7 years old. After that, the father and aunt were involved in raising the boy.

Interestingly, the relationship with them at Stendal did not develop. Most of all, Henri loved his grandfather, who seriously influenced the development of his personality.

Grandfather was a very competent and erudite man. An interesting fact is that once he even spoke with Voltaire when he visited the city of Ferney.

It was he who gave his grandson an excellent primary education, thanks to which Stendal studied at school for only 3 years.

Childhood and youth

Since childhood, Stendal was interested in philosophy, logic, art history and exact sciences. In addition, he admired the commander and politician Napoleon Bonaparte.

At a young age, Stendhal had to get acquainted with the Jesuit Rayan, who urged the boy to read the holy books of Catholics. However, having learned Ryanom closer, Stendal began to experience distrust and even disgust at church ministers.

When Stendhal turned 16, he went to Paris to enroll in the Polytechnic School.

However, inspired by the Great French Revolution and the actions of Napoleon, he decides to join the army.

Soon, not without help, Stendhal was transferred to serve in the north of Italy. Once in this country, he was fascinated by her beauty and architecture.

After that, he visited Austria and Germany. Wherever the writer is, he made detailed notes about those places. A few years later a turning point occurs in the biography of Stendhal.

He is increasingly disappointed in the actions of Napoleon, who not so long ago was considered an idol. As a result, he decides to leave the service and go back home.

Arriving in France, Stendal actively engaged in the study of philosophy and philology.

Creative biography Stendal

After Napoleon was removed from power, the representatives of the Bourbons were on the French throne. Not wanting to recognize their power, Stendal moved from France to Italy, where he settled in Milan.

It was there that Stendal wrote the first works in his biography. It is worth noting that he wrote many works on Italian sights.

Later, the writer presented the book "The Life of Haydn, Mozart and Metastasio", in which he described in detail the biographies of great composers.

He publishes all his works under the pseudonym Stendal.

Soon Stendal met with a secret society of Carbonari, whose members criticized the current government and promoted the idea of ​​democracy.

In this regard, he had to be very careful.

Over time, rumors began to emerge that Stendal was in close ties with the Carbonaria, in connection with which he was forced to return to France immediately.

Works of Stendhal

In 1822, Stendal published the book "On Love", unlike his previous works.

After 5 years, the novel "Armans", written in the style of realism, was published.

After that, the writer presented the story "Vanina Vanini", which tells about the love of a rich Italian woman to the arrested carbonaria.

In 1830, he wrote one of the most famous novels in his biography, Red and Black. Today it is included in the compulsory school curriculum. Based on this work a lot of movies and TV shows were shot.

In the same year, Stendhal became a consul in Trieste, after which he worked in Civitavecchia (city in Italy) in the same position.

By the way, here he will work until his death. During this period he wrote the autobiographical novel "The Life of Henri Bruilard."

After that, Stendal is working on the novel "Parma Convent". An interesting fact is that this work he managed to write in just 52 days.

Personal life

In the personal life of Stendhal was not so smooth as in the literary field. And although he had many love affairs with different girls, in the end, they all stopped.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Stendal, in general, did not seek to get married, since he connected his life only with literature. As a result, he never left behind any offspring.


The last years of his life Stendal spent in serious illness. Doctors discovered he had syphilis, so he was forbidden to leave the city.

Over time, he was so weak that he could no longer hold the pen in his hands. For writing works Stendal used the help of stenographers.

A few days before his death, he was allowed to go to Paris to say goodbye to loved ones.

Stendal died on March 23, 1842 during a walk. He was 59 years old. The official cause of death was a stroke, which was already the second in a row.

The writer is buried in Paris at the cemetery of Montmartre. An interesting fact is that shortly before his death, Stendhal asked to write on his tombstone the following phrase: "Arrigo Beyle. Milanese. He wrote, loved, lived."

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