Semyon Shkalikov

Semyon Shkalikov is a Russian film and theater actor. The greatest popularity of him brought such paintings as "Foundling", "Lyudmila Gurchenko" and "Perfume".

Shkalikov biography

Semen Sergeevich Shkalikov was born on December 14, 1987 in Moscow. He grew up in the acting family of Sergei Shkalikov and Galina Churilova.

Having lived together for 5 years, the parents decided to leave. The initiator of the divorce was the mother, because she was tired of looking at the constantly drunk husband.

Childhood and youth

Despite this, Simon never severed ties with his father. He went to the performances with his participation, and was also a frequent guest in his house. Interestingly, the young man managed to establish relations with his father’s second wife, Maria Slonim.

However, as the father continued to drink, he soon passed away. At that time, Semyon Shkalikov was barely 10 years old. It was then that he decided to do his best to become an actor in the future too.

After graduating from school, Simon successfully passed the exams at the Higher Theater School named after M. Schepkin.


The first performance in Shkalikov’s biography was “Black Snow” based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov. In it, Shkalikov played the role of captain Myshlayevsky, perfectly conveying the character of his hero.

His acting was so professional that Semyon was awarded the Golden Leaf Award, which is awarded to the best actor of the year.

After receiving a diploma, Shkalikov gets a job at the Lenkom theater, where he remains to this day. Soon he began to trust the main roles in musicals and performances.

Not so long ago, he received the prestigious award, founded by the Evgeny Leonov Foundation, for the role of Ricaredo in the Spanish Follies vaudeville.


Initially, Semyon Shkalikov was shot only in episodic roles. He participated in the filming of the film "Striped Summer", the series "Philip's Bay" and the comedy "Real Dad."

In 2013, he was invited to shoot a detective series "Department".

After that, Shkalikov began to appear in the film "Chagall - Malevich," which told about the wife of a famous Russian and French artist.

After this role, he received a certain popularity.

Different directors began to pay attention to Semyon, and soon he was invited to play in the perfumer’s melodrama.

The game of the actor was appreciated by film critics, as well as perfectly accepted by ordinary viewers.

Later Shkalikov starred in the Russian action movie "Black River".

One of his latest work in cinema was the series "Lyudmila Gurchenko", which described in detail the life of the great Soviet actress.

Personal life

For a long time, Semyon Shkalikov met with actress Anna Bolshova. An interesting fact is that the girl was significantly older than her lover.

Despite the fact that between them was a stormy romance, the matter before the wedding never came. Anna wanted to marry Seeds, but he was not ready for the official status of a family man.

After that, the actor began caring for Polina Dolinskaya. He was in love with a girl, but after Shkalikov learned that Polina was meeting with him out of revenge on the previous guy, he lost all interest in her.

At the moment, it is not known exactly who is the new chosen one of Semen Shkalikov. According to some sources, Simon meets with famous actress Daria Makarova, but how things really are is unclear.

Periodically, he exposes new photos on social networks, but this does not happen as often. Nevertheless, his fans can follow the actor's personal and creative life.

Semyon Shkalikov today

In 2017, Shkalikov starred in the detectives "Sleeping" in the role of Denis Boyarinov. The film deals with secret agents performing complex tasks.

In the same year, Simon took part in the filming of the second part of the melodrama "Perfumers-2".

In parallel with this, Shkalikov performed on the stage of his native theater "Lenkom". Not so long ago, he was approved for the role of Count Rezanov in the world-famous musical "Juno and Avos."

In 2018, the premiere of the action series "Foundling" took place. It described the political and economic situation in the USSR after the death of Vladimir Lenin. The series is full of different adventures, crime and other intricacies.

At the same time, the TV series “Native People” was released, in which Shkalikov plays one of the main roles. The drama tells about a strong and strong-willed girl raising a child alone.

An interesting fact is that the main character is the captain of the ship. The series culminates at the moment when her husband returns to her, who disappeared several years ago.

Since Semyon Shkalikov is a young and promising actor, in the future he will surely repeatedly please us with new interesting roles.

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