Anton Savlepov

Anton Savlepov - Ukrainian musician, ex-vocalist of the group "Quest Pistols". To date, he is the lead singer of the pop group "Agony".

In 2016, the artist was a mentor and jury member in the rating TV show "X-factor".

Childhood and youth

Anton Olegovich Savlepov was born on June 14, 1988 in the village of Kovsharovka, Kharkiv region of Ukraine. From early childhood, he attended the school of ballroom dancing.

Soon, Anton became interested in music. His favorite artist was Michael Jackson, in connection with which Savlepov began to wear long hair and the same clothes that his idol wore. In addition, he changed the style of dance to break dance.

After graduating from high school, Savlepov entered the Kiev National University of Culture and Art. However, he studied there for only a month.

The talented guy was invited to work in the dance group "Quest", in which besides him were already Konstantin Borovsky and Nikita Goryuk.

After that, Anton went on the first tour in his biography. Yuri Bardash, who was the team leader, claimed that Savlepov was a genius with regard to break dancing. He had excellent plasticity and performed the most complicated dance tricks.

During this period, Anton Savlepov began to appear in the clips of various musicians. Clipmakers showed great interest in the figure of a talented dancer who wore dreadlocks at that time.

Gradually, the modern ballet "Quest" was gaining more and more popularity, with the result that its members went on the dancers with various famous artists.

Soon, Yuri Bardash seriously thought about turning his team from dance to musical. In this regard, all three members of the ballet began to attend vocal lessons.


In 2007, the pop group "Quest Pistols" was formed, the soloist of which was Anton Savlepov. For the first time, the guys took the stage on April 1 of the same year in the famous TV project “Chance”.

The audience did not expect popular dancers to start singing again.

An interesting fact is that their first song, "I'm Tired," which exploded the ratings of many charts, was a cover version of the song "Long and lonesome road" by the Dutch group "Shocking Blue".

The next hit of the group was the composition of Nikolai Voronov "White Dragonfly of Love", beautifully performed by Sawlepov. Later on it will be shot clip.

Soon "Quest Pistols" went on tour in the cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Interestingly, in the first half of their concerts, the band members showed dance numbers, and only then sang songs.

In many ways, it was a necessary measure, because the team had a small repertoire.

Every day the popularity of the group and its soloist Anton Savlepov grew, as a result of which they began to be invited to various European festivals.

At the end of 2007, Quest Pistols released the first album For You. After that they presented the second record "Superklass", in which all the songs were performed by Savlepov.

Over time, the team was joined by Daniel Macieichuk. He was also a dancer and knew the guys for a long time.

After the release of the albums, the songs “I am your drug”, “Different” and “Toughest of all” were of particular interest to the fans. Soon, Savlepov had a huge army of fans.

In 2013, Anton Savlepov released a solo album under the pseudonym "Zorko". In parallel, the artist began to produce branded clothing under the brand name "Zorko".

Interestingly, he managed to perfectly combine business with touring activities.

In 2016, Anton Savlepov announced that he was leaving the Quest Pistols. He thanked the fans for always supporting him and coming to the concerts of the group.

Later it became known about the creation of a new musical group "Agony", of which Savlepov became the vocalist. Over time, they released the album "# I will love you", which was well received by the public.

Former Quest Pistols Members United in #Agon

The most popular songs such as "Let go" and "Superhero."

In the "Agony" Anton together with other members of the group shot 8 video clips.

Films and TV projects

The first picture in the creative biography of Sawlepov was the "Wedding Exchange", in which he played a cameo role. After that, he appeared in the musical "Like Cossacks".

In addition, Anton often appears in various programs as a guest, and often gives interviews to journalists.

Personal life

During the formation of the group "Agony" Anton Savlepov met with Julia, who worked as art director in their team.

Anton Savlepov with his wife

At the time of their acquaintance, the girl already had a daughter, Mira. Soon, serious feelings arose between the young people, as a result of which they decided to get married.

An interesting fact is that Anton and Yulia did not want to arrange a magnificent wedding, but instead chose to go to the registry office in casual clothes.

It is also interesting that the bridegroom saw the mother-in-law only after the marriage. The provision for 2018 in the family of the Savlepovs has no common children yet.

At one time, Anton led a video blog in which he shared culinary recipes with viewers.

It is curious that during the preparation of certain dishes he always promoted vegetarianism.

There are many different tattoos on his body, made by him in his youth. Not so long ago, the artist admitted that he wanted to get rid of them.

Anton Savlepov today

In 2016, Savlepov was invited to the X-factor television project as a member of the judicial brigade. The singer really liked the role of mentor.

He did his best for his ward, Sevak Khanagyan, to win the competition.

In the end, everything happened. Sevak won the first place and became the owner of a substantial amount of money needed to continue his creative career.

Anton Savlepov is still one of the most famous Ukrainian artists, so we will see him more than once in one or another role.

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