Victoria Adelfina

Victoria Adelfina is a Russian film and theater actress. The greatest popularity of her brought the television series "Sect" and "Father Matthew."

Childhood and youth

Victoria Adelfina was born on June 25, 1976 in Voronezh. After graduating from high school, the future actress entered the Voronezh Academy of Arts.

After receiving a diploma, she became an actress of the Voronezh Academic Drama Theater, where she worked for several years.


At the dawn of her creative career, Adelphina played in such performances as "Hey, anyone," "Duck Hunt", "Golden Goddess", etc.

An interesting fact is that in the team play “Comedy Evening” based on the plays of Gogol, Beaumarchais and Shakespeare, Victoria was entrusted to perform all the female roles.

After that, Adelfina went to Moscow, where she was able to successfully continue her career as a theater actress. In 2011, she appeared in the play "Valley of Pain", playing a pianist in it.


The first film in which Victoria Adelfina starred was "Have an idea." After that, she played various cameo roles in such films as “Tourists”, “The Blind” and “The Red Deer Hunt”.

Then the actress took part in the filming of the television series "On the way to the heart."

In the late 2000s, Adelfina continued to appear in TV shows and films, among which were "Chasing the Angel", "Soldiers-9", "Towards the Heart", "Why did you leave", etc.

In 2011, Victoria was approved for the main role in the psychological mini-series "Sect". In it, she beautifully conveyed the image of her heroine Natasha, in whose life many tragedies occurred.

According to the plot, after a series of failures, Natasha falls into a real sect, where strange and even mystical things soon begin to happen.

After these shootings, Adelfina continued to appear in various TV shows, playing supporting characters. In 2014, she played the clergyman’s spouse in the Father Matvey detective series.

Personal life

While still a student, Victoria Adelfina began dating a little-known artist Sergei Astakhov.

An interesting fact is that at that time Sergey was married. However, in 1994, he decided to divorce his wife in order to marry Victoria.

Victoria Adelfina with her husband

In a short time they had a little girl called Maria. Spouses from an early age instilled in the daughter a love for theatrical art. As a result, little Masha repeatedly starred in films with her father and mother.

In 2011, Astakhov was often noticed alongside famous actress Elena Korikova. For this reason, Adelfina lost interest in her husband, and then completely lost all interest in him.

At the moment there are no reliable facts about how the personal life of Victoria Adelphins.

Victoria Adelfina today

In 2016, Victoria Adelfina starred in 3 scenes: “After many troubles”, “Half an hour before spring” and “Last petal”.

For 2019, scheduled shooting of the action-packed television series "Green van. A completely different story," in which she will get the role of Antonina.

Adelfina still continues to act in popular films and TV shows, so fans will repeatedly see her favorite actress in interesting roles.

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