The emphasis in the word CAKES

Surely not even all the chefs know how to properly emphasize the word "cakes". And this is not surprising, since in colloquial speech quite often you can hear the wrong emphasis.

However, the Russian language unequivocally prescribes the emphasis in the word CAKE on the first vowel syllable "o":


It is also worth noting that the noun "cake" in all forms of the singular and plural has a constant emphasis on the root vowel "o".

For clarity, we give a table of cases with the correct emphasis in the word "cake":

Death caseQuestionProper stress
Nominativewhat?cake, torti
Genitivea piece of what?turtles
Dativegive what?tortu
Accusativebuy what?cake, torti
InstrumentalI admire what?tortoise
Prepositionalthink about what?about top, about top

How to remember the correct stress in the word "torti"

To memorize the stress in the word "TOURS" use the word "tortik". After all, many say:

“I would love to eat a tea pot now ...”

We give a couple of rhymes to remember:

If a lady loves toying,Then she does not fit in shorty.

Or more:

Immediately after cycling,I eat two or three mouths.

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