Vakhtang Beridze

Vakhtang Beridze - Russian television radio host, theater and film actor, showman, producer.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of Beridze’s biography and interesting facts from his life.

Childhood and youth

Vakhtang Iraklievich Beridze was born on December 25, 1980 in Leningrad. A few years later, the Beridze family moved to Georgia, where Vakhtang entered one of the local schools. Soon his parents sent him to the swimming section.

Vakhtang made notable progress in this sport. Growing up, he participated in the World and European Championships, playing for the Georgian national team. Over time, he received the title of master of sports.

After graduating from school, Beridze wanted to enter one of the theater schools. To do this, he went to St. Petersburg, where he successfully passed the exams at the State Academy of Theatrical Art.


While still a student, Vakhtang performed on the stage of the Ostrov Theater. He played in the performances of "Autumn Marathon" and "Daddy Toys". After receiving his diploma in 2005, he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow State Film Actor Theater.

During this period, the biography of Beridze participated in the productions of "The Holy Boy", "The Little Fool" and "The Abduction of Helen." Interestingly, he appeared in two solo performances - "Accompanist" and "Mayakovsky."

In 2006, Beridze approved the main role in the play "Oscar and the Pink Lady".

A television

In parallel with his acting, Vakhtang Beridze decided to try himself as the host of the program “Urban Episodes”.

After that, he was a TV host for the “Apartment on Credit” program. After some time, he began to lead the information program "Now."

The popularity of the young and attractive Beridze grew every day. As a result, he was invited to take part in various photo shoots and shoot video clips. The athletic figure and piercing gaze of the artist won the hearts of many women.

In the mid-2000s, Vakhtang Beridze went to Moscow. In 2011, he entered VGIK on the production department, where he studied until 2016.

It is worth noting that during his studies, he worked at Vostok FM radio as the host of one of the morning programs.

In 2016, Vakhtang began to broadcast the School of Repair, in which viewers could learn to perform certain types of repair work. At the same time, the artist worked as a producer in the studio of the NTV channel "Central Television".


In the period of biography 2001-2004. Beridze starred in the television series Black Raven, in the role of Archil. He also played cameo roles in the films "Streets of Broken Lanterns-5", "Agency NLS-2" and "Hotheads".

After that, the actor appeared in 2 popular TV shows - "Agent of National Security-5" and "Opera-1. Chronicles of the slaughter department."

In 2006, Vakhtang played Prince Shakhovsky in the historical television series "Stolypin ... Unlearned Lessons." Then he starred in dozens of movies and TV shows, playing supporting characters.

In 2015, Beridze became the producer of the short film "Beat", where Yegor Barinov directed and screenwriter.

In 2017, the actor was approved for the main roles in the films “I love you any” and “Winning time”.

It is curious that in the last film Beridze played a swimmer-stayer. Thanks to his sporting past, he managed to perfectly convey the image of his hero and perform many difficult tricks related to swimming.

Personal life

With the first wife, actress Olga Arntgolts, Vakhtang Beridze met on the set. Young people met for 3 years, after which they decided to get married.

They celebrated their wedding in 2009, and after 4 years a girl Anna was born in their family.

Vakhtang Beridze and Olga Arntgolts

After 6 years of marriage, the couple decided to leave. Artists divorced due to the fact that Olga has a new man.

Beridze suffered a very painful break in relations, but a year later he became acquainted with Belarusian actress Ales Kachar, who managed to win his heart.

Vakhtang Beridze and Ales Kacher

It was easy for the actors together, as a result of which the couple spent all their free time together. As a result, in 2018 they legitimized their relationship. The wedding the newlyweds decided to play in Minsk, in the homeland of the bride.

Vakhtang Beridze today

Beridze still continues to act in film, as well as participate in various television projects.

In 2018, he was approved for one of the leading roles in the television series “Grapes of Grapes”. This picture shows an interesting love story of the main characters, as well as the time the country was going through after the death of Joseph Stalin.

Vakhtang periodically uploads his photos on the Internet, thanks to which fans can follow the artist’s creative and personal life.

Since Beridze is at the peak of his popularity, he will more than once please us with new film roles, as well as participation in interesting projects.

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