Elena Aroseva

Elena Aroseva - Russian theater and film actress. The greatest popularity of her brought such paintings as "Alien happiness", "Payback", "Passion" and "Alien".

Childhood and youth

Elena Vladimirovna Aroseva (Kutyreva) was born on March 12, 1984 in the Russian city of Sarov (formerly Arzamas-16, which was on the list of secret cities in the USSR).

Her father was an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and her mother worked at a research institute. In addition to Helen, a boy Pavel and a girl Oksana were born in their family.

From early childhood, Aroseva was a sociable and goal-oriented child with excellent artistic abilities.

She went to ballroom dancing, studied singing, and also spent a lot of time on the sport. An interesting fact is that at one of the city competitions she won first place in running.

In high school, Elena Aroseva enrolled in a drama school run by the famous artist Emma Arsenieva.

She immediately saw the talent in the girl, so she did everything possible to instill in her a love of art.

After graduating from school with a silver medal, Elena wanted to continue her studies in some theatrical high school.

Soon she decided to enter the Moscow Art Theater School at the acting department. Interestingly, the girl managed on the first attempt to become a student of this educational institution.

While still a student, Aroseva was invited to the theater "Satyricon", where she worked for 10 years.

During this time, she played in many performances, among which were "Ai da Pushkin!", "The Case" and "Country of Love". In parallel, she was invited to play at the Youth Theater Project.


To date, Elena Aroseva has starred in more than 40 films and TV shows. She first appeared on the screen in 2005, playing a minor character in the television series "Live Ruble".

After that, she took part in the filming of several more pictures, where she also trusted episodic roles.

The first fame came to Arosieva after the film adaptation of the TV show "One Night of Love", where she played Elena Vorontsova. The motion picture was positively received by critics and ordinary TV viewers.

After that, she appeared in the Last Cordon melodrama as the forester’s daughter.

In 2011, Elena Aroseva starred in the TV series "My Prechistenka 2" in a rather interesting way. She played Agniya Tikhomirova at different periods of her biography. The actress was able to perfectly convey the emotions of her heroine, who is at a young and old age.

In 2014, the premiere of the detective series “A Mockingbird's Smile” took place, in which Aroseva played a leading role. In this picture she had to act in icy water, make dangerous jumps on the slopes of the rocks, and also participate in battles.

Interestingly, she performed all the tricks herself, without resorting to the help of stuntmen.

Personal life

He met her future husband, Dmitry Arosiev, on the set in 2007. They began dating and soon decided to get married. In this marriage, they had 2 boys - Daniel and Ivan.

The actress has repeatedly admitted how much she loves her husband. Together with him she feels truly happy and protected.

Elena Aroseva today

In 2016, Aroseva starred in the lead role in the miniseries "I Hate". After that, she participated in the filming of the TV series "From Siberia with love" and "Beach. Hot season."

Then she was approved for one of the leading roles in the television series "Alien happiness," which dealt with women's jealousy.

In 2017, Elena re-starred in the lead role in the action-packed film "Birth Certificate". In this picture, she played a museum employee, whose daughter suddenly disappeared.

After that, she appeared in the TV series "Payback" and "Passion". In 2018, the actress participated in the filming of 5 television series at once, in two of which she played the main characters.

Elena Aroseva’s acting career continues to grow, so fans will see her in new films more than once.

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