Patriarch's speech before the dirge of Stalin

We bring to your attention the historical speech of Patriarch Alexy I, which was said on the death of Joseph Stalin.

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We give the speech of the Patriarch without abbreviations and revisions.

Patriarch Alexy I and Joseph Stalin

Speech by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy (Simansky) before the memorial service for I.V. Stalin

The great leader of our people, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, was gone. The great, moral, social force was abolished: the force in which our people felt their own strength, with which they were guided in their creative works and enterprises, with which they were comforted for many years.

There is no area where the deep gaze of the great Leader would not penetrate. People of science were amazed at his deep scientific awareness in the most diverse fields, his ingenious scientific generalizations; military - to his military genius; people of the most varied labor invariably received from him powerful support and valuable guidance.

As a man of genius, in every case he discovered what was invisible and inaccessible to the ordinary mind.

About his intense cares and exploits during the Great Patriotic War, about his brilliant leadership of military actions, which gave us victory over a strong enemy and in general over fascism; about his many-sided and immense daily labors on management, on the management of state affairs β€” they spoke at length and convincingly in the press, and, especially, during the last farewell today, on the day of his funeral, his immediate co-workers.

His name as a champion of peace in the world, and his glorious deeds will live for centuries.

We, having gathered for prayer about him, cannot pass by the silence of his always benevolent, sympathetic attitude towards our church needs.

Not a single question that we addressed to him was rejected by him; he satisfied all our requests. And a lot of good and useful, thanks to its high authority, has been done for our Church by our Government.

The memory of him is unforgettable for us, and our Russian Orthodox Church, mourning his departure from us, accompanies him on his last journey, β€œto the path of the whole earth,” with a fervent prayer.

In these sad days for us from all sides of our Fatherland from the hierarchs, clergy and believers, and from abroad from the Heads and representatives of the Churches, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox, I receive many telegrams in which it is reported about prayers about him and expressed condolences to us on the occasion of this sad loss for us.

We prayed for him when news came of his serious illness. And now, when he is gone, we pray for the world of his immortal soul.

Yesterday, our special delegation composed of His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas; Archbishop Palladius, representative of the episcopate, clergy and believers of Siberia; A representative of the episcopate, clergy and believers of Ukraine, Archbishop Nikon and Protopresbyter Fr. Nicholas, laid a wreath at his coffin and bowed on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church to his dear ashes.

Prayer, full of Christian love, comes to God. We believe that our prayer for the deceased will be heard by the Lord.

And to our beloved and unforgettable Joseph Vissarionovich, we prayerfully, with deep, ardent love, proclaim eternal memory.

Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate. 1953, β„–4. C.3