Polina Nevzorova

Polina Nevzorova is a Russian film and theater actress, daughter of the famous journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

Childhood and youth

Polina Alexandrovna Nevzorova was born on October 9, 1981 in St. Petersburg. She grew up in an intelligent and creative family.

Her father, Alexander Glebovich, is a very versatile person. Today he works as a TV presenter, reporter, director, screenwriter, television producer and teacher.

Polina's mother, Natalya Nikolaevna, is a member of the Russian National Library.

Interestingly, the parents of Polina Nevzorova met in the church choir, which once were singers. In addition to the future actress, six more children were born in the Nevzorovs family.

When the girl was 9 years old, the father and mother decided to divorce. The head of the family left the family, breaking off all relations not only with his wife, but also with children. In this regard, Polina has not maintained any contact with her father for about 30 years.

After graduating from school, Nevzorova entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts, where she studied acting. After receiving a diploma, she went to Moscow, wanting to try her hand at cinema.


For her creative biography, Polina has played about 10 roles in various films and TV shows. Mostly she was trusted to play secondary characters.

For the first time the actress appeared in 2001 in the popular television series "Streets of Broken Lanterns 4". In the same year, she appeared in the special section tape as the Margot.

After that, Nevzorova appeared in several more films. In 2008 she played Princess Kortasova in the movie "Anna Karenina".

In 2013, the actress participated in the filming of the show "PPS 2" and the comedy "Star Love". Interestingly, in the last film she was entrusted with one of the leading roles.

Personal life

Possessing an attractive appearance and natural charm, Polina Nevzorova always enjoyed increased attention from men.

In the Moscow party, she became popular thanks to her father, whom all of Russia knew.

The girl repeatedly showed the photos with her dad to her new friends, and also shared with them childhood memories.

Soon Nevzorova had a lot of fans, many of whom gave her expensive gifts and provided various signs of attention.

During this time, Nevzorova had more than one affair, but none of the men could ever win her heart.

Once Polina met a wealthy man when she was vacationing with friends in Turkey. The businessman confessed her love and presented an expensive necklace.

As a result, young people began to live together, but their relationship was far from ideal. The couple then dispersed, then converged again.

In 2003, Nevzorova met actor Sergei Gorobchenko. Over time, feelings arose between the young people, after which they decided to live together.

Polina Nevzorova and Sergey Gorobchenko

However, for a long time she could not understand which of her fans better connect her life.

Secretly from Gorobchenko, the girl repeatedly went to a businessman and even managed to marry him. However, having learned about her pregnancy from the actor, the girl still remained to live with Sergey. In 2008 they were married, becoming the legitimate husband and wife.

In the autumn of the same year, the couple had a boy named Alexander. After that, Nevzorova presented her husband with two more sons and two daughters. After the appearance of children, their relationship became significantly stronger.

Polina still does not communicate with her father, since he has no desire to meet with her. An interesting fact is that Alexander Nevzorov did not see one of the five grandchildren, nor did he attend the wedding of his own daughter.

Polina Nevzorova with her husband and children

One of the main reasons for not wanting to communicate with her daughter and son-in-law is their frequent attendance at church. It is worth noting that Nevzorov considers himself a militant atheist, rejecting any religion.

Polina Nevzorova today

Polina Alexandrovna is still invited to act in films. In 2018, she played a student in the drama film "Trucker".

Nevzorova with her spouse and children loves to travel the world. After visiting a country, she puts photos on the Internet, so fans can follow her personal life.

Surely in the future, Polina Nevzorova will play a major role in the film or appear as an interesting TV program host.

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