Natalya Naumenko

Natalia Naumenko - the former spouse of Mike Naumenko, leader of the "Zoo" group. He is a direct witness and an indirect participant in the development of Soviet rock and roll.

Musicians often gathered at Naumenko’s home, who later became legends of Russian rock: Viktor Tsoi, Boris Grebenshchikov, Alexander Bashlachev and other representatives of the musical underground.

In front of you short biography of Natalia Naumenko.

Childhood and youth

Natalya Vasilievna Rossovskaya (Naumenko) was born on January 21, 1960 in Leningrad. In addition, almost nothing is known about the girl's childhood and youth.

She prefers to talk less about her biography and talk more about the life of her first husband, Mike Naumenko.


When Natalia first met her future spouse, she found a lot in common with him. As a result, young people decided to get married.

During this period of biography, she got a job working as a boiler room operator in Teploenergo, since the workers of this organization were provided with housing.

In addition to performing her direct duties, Natalya Naumenko paid great attention to self-education. The girl read books and taught English.

Personal life

Once, when Natalia turned 19, she and her cousin ended up in one of the communal apartments on Vasilyevsky Island. There were a lot of young people in the apartment, including Mike Naumenko.

A few weeks later they met again at the wedding of mutual friends.

The young people got to know each other closer, after which Mike invited Natalia to the rehearsal at the Bolshoi Puppet Theater, where he worked as a sound engineer and watchman.

Their friendship quickly grew into a whirlwind romance that ended in a girl’s pregnancy. Mike did not hesitate to make an offer to Natalia, to whom she had given her consent. They played a modest wedding, which was attended only by close people.

When a boy was born to Naumenko’s family in the summer, the couple decided to call him Yevgeny. Interestingly, his father originally wanted to give him the name Mark, in honor of the leader of the British rock band "T. Rex" - Mark Bolan.

In the communal apartment where they lived, there were constantly many guests.

In particular, Viktor Tsoi regularly visited them, who repeatedly helped the young mother swaddle the child and do various chores.

It is believed that between Natalia Naumenko and Tsoi was a novel. In 2007, the girl told Alexander Zhitinsky about this, who wrote a book about Tsoi.

Natalia Naumenko showed him her diary entries, which clearly showed the truth of her words.

Viktor Tsoi and Mike Naumenko

It is worth noting that initially she did not want this information to become public. However, Alexander still persuaded her to mention their relationship in his book.

In 2018, Natalya admitted to journalists that she regretted her action, because of which she now has to hear a lot of criticism.

According to her, between her and Victor, although they had a special relationship, they never went beyond the bounds of decency.

Interestingly, once Natalya Naumenko asked her husband for permission to kiss Tsoi, to which he gave his consent. However, she calls this kiss nothing more than friendly.

Mike and Natalia Naumenko

In marriage, Mike and Natalia Naumenko lived 10 years, after which they decided to divorce in 1991. Their separation took place peacefully, without any scandals and mutual insults.

Natalia Naumenko with her husband

An interesting fact is that in less than 2 weeks after that, Mike Naumenko died of cerebral haemorrhage.

At the moment, Natalya Vasilievna is married, she has three children and two grandchildren.

Natalya Naumenko with her son

Natalia Naumenko today

In her spare time, Natalya Naumenko loves to knit dolls, as well as raising grandchildren.

In 2018, the premiere of the film "Summer" took place, in which the life of Viktor Tsoi, Mike and Natalia Naumenko was shown. Even before the release of the screens around the picture scandal erupted.

When Boris Grebenshchikov read the script, he severely criticized him, saying that there was not a single true word in it.

Alexey Rybin, a member of the first Kino group, adheres to the same position. However, there were many who liked this movie.

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