Vasily Aksenov

Vasily Aksenov - Russian writer, playwright, translator and screenwriter. Over the years of his biography, he wrote many outstanding works for which he won awards not only in Russia, but also abroad.

From this article you will learn the main events of Aksenov’s biography and the most interesting facts from his life.

So before you short biography of Vasily Aksenov.

Biography Aksenova

Vasily Pavlovich Aksenov was born on August 20, 1932 in Kazan. He grew up in an intelligent and educated family.

His father, Pavel Vasilyevich, was the chairman of the Kazan City Council and was in the party of the CPSU.

Mother, Evgenia Solomonovna, taught at the Kazan Pedagogical Institute. After that, she headed the culture department in a local newspaper.

Childhood and youth

It is worth noting that Vasily was the only common child of his parents. At the same time, he had a half-sister, Maya (after his father), and brother Alexey (after his mother).

Aksenovs always lived in prosperity, without experiencing any financial problems. For many, they were an exemplary family.

However, when it came in 1937 in the USSR mass arrests began, under which Aksyonov’s father and mother fell. They were arrested and sentenced to ten years in the camps.

The children, Maya and Alexei, were given to relatives for upbringing, and Basil himself was sent to an orphanage where the children of the prisoners were kept.

A year later, Andreyan Aksenov, Vasily's uncle, was able to find his nephew. He somehow managed to persuade the administration of the shelter to take the boy to him.

Thus, in the period of the biography of 1938-1948. the future writer was brought up in the family of his uncle.

In 1948, Aksenov’s mother served her time in camps, after which she lived in Magadan as an exile. At this time she was allowed to live with her son, who was already 16 years old.

In 1956, Vasily successfully graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute, but he was not allowed to work in his specialty. Affected his parents' past. In this regard, he had to take on any job.

Over time, Aksenov found himself in the Far North, settling down as a quarantine doctor. Then he moved to Moscow, where he found a place in a tuberculosis hospital.

Creative Biography Aksenov

The first work in the creative biography of Vasily Aksenov was the story "Colleagues," written in 1959. After that, he published his famous novel "Star Ticket", which made him popular.

Then the writer published 2 collections of short stories - "Halfway to the Moon" and "Catapult."

Soon Aksenov decided to try himself as a playwright. He wrote many plays that were later staged in the capital's theaters. Every day the young writer gained more and more fame.

However, in his creative biography, he often encountered difficulties.

Works Aksenov not like the authorities. In 1963, Nikita Khrushchev criticized him in tough form within the walls of the Kremlin, where various cultural figures were present. However, the writer tried his best to remain himself and not change his own convictions.

In the late 60s, Vasily Aksenov put his signature in documents drawn up in defense of dissidents. This act influenced all his further biography. He received a severe reprimand with entering into a personal matter.

In the mid-70s, Aksenov finished writing the novels "The Island of Crimea" and "Burn", knowing full well that they would not be published in the USSR.

However, after a couple of years, both books were published in America. When the Soviet authorities found out about this, Aksenov’s fate was sealed.

In this regard, Vasily Pavlovich had to "voluntarily" leave the Union of Writers. An interesting fact is that some of his colleagues supported him and, in protest, also decided to leave there.

Emigration Aksenova

In 1980, Vasily Aksenov received an invitation to visit the United States. As soon as he left the Soviet Union, he was immediately deprived of his citizenship. He managed to return home only 10 years later, immediately after the collapse of the USSR.

While living in America, Aksenov taught at various universities, and also worked as a journalist at the Voice of America and Radio Liberty radio stations. In addition, he continued to engage in writing.

At this time, the biography of Vasily Aksenov wrote the novels "Paper Landscape" and "In Search of Sad Baby." Meanwhile, the Soviet Union was already on the verge of collapse. Communist propaganda was no longer the same as before, and therefore many emigrants were invited to return home.

In 1990, Aksyonov was returned Soviet citizenship, but he was in no hurry to move to Russia. Instead, he and his family settled in France and only occasionally appeared in Moscow.

With the beginning of the 21st century in the Russian Federation began to publish the works of Vladimir Aksenov. In 2004, he was awarded the Booker Prize for the novel "Voltairians and Voltairians".

In 2009 his last work was published - “Mysterious Passion. A novel about the sixties”.

Personal life

In the biography of Vasily Aksenov there were 2 women. His first wife's name was Cyrus Mendeleev. In this union, they had a boy Alexey.

Aksenov’s second wife was Maya Carmen, who worked at the US Chamber of Commerce and taught Russian.

Vasily Aksenov and Maya Carmen

The writer loved unconsciously to his spouse, as a result of which a wonderful atmosphere always reigned in their family.


In the winter of 2008, Vasily Aksyonov suffered a stroke. In this regard, he urgently operated on, but this did not yield any results.

He was in a coma for a long time. A year later, he underwent a second operation, but this time there was no improvement.

Vasily Pavlovich Aksenov died on July 6, 2009 at the age of 76 years. The writer was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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