Ilya Bachurin

Ilya Bachurin - producer of movies, TV shows, events. The general director of the production company "Clever". Creative Producer WFMS 2017, co-owner and CEO GLAVKINO, vice president of ceremonies of the ANO "Sochi 2014", vice president of MTV Russia, director of music broadcasting Channel One.

Childhood and youth

Ilya Viktorovich Bachurin was born on May 29, 1970 in Moscow. He grew up in a family of engineers. In addition to Ilya, a boy, Eugene, was born in the family of the Bachurins.

The future producer was in school with an English bias. In his free time, he was fond of sports, and was also keenly interested in aeromodelling. In addition, the boy attended music school in piano and violin.

After receiving the certificate Ilya Bachurin successfully passed the exams at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Maurice Thorez. After studying one year in high school, he joined the army. After 2 years of service in the communications troops, Ilya Bachurin returned home.

By that time, the Soviet Union had already collapsed, and the country was experiencing not the best of times. Bachurin realized that he would not succeed in completing his studies at the institute, so after much deliberation he decided to go into business.

Business and creativity

After the collapse of the USSR, people tried to earn money by any means possible. It is worth noting that Ilya wanted not only to make some kind of capital, but also to get pleasure from work.

In 1993, he and his comrades decided to organize a concert of Michael Jackson, who was and remains one of the most prominent artists in the entire history of pop music.

The guys understood that organizing such an event is not so easy, and even very risky. Nevertheless, they invested all their savings in this project - $ 4 million.

The concert in Moscow took place, but since the price of the tickets was not small, many fans could not afford to buy a ticket.

As a result, the event organizers, including Bachurin, threw money down the drain. The producer later admitted that although he had lost all his savings, he had gained invaluable experience.

After such a failure, Ilya realized that knowledge is necessary for success. In this regard, he decided to get a higher education. The guy entered the Academy of Management and soon received an economics degree. After that, he studied in the UK.

In 1994, Bachurin worked in the Russian sports and entertainment complex "Luzhniki". After some time he managed to form the first radio station "Station 2000", on which they played modern music.

In 2000, Ilya Bachurin, at the invitation of Konstantin Ernst, became the head of the musical department of Channel One. With his appearance on the air, new programs have appeared.

The greatest success was the TV show "Star Factory", which gave a start in life to many modern performers.

Later, Bachurin engaged in the promotion of the TV channel "MTV", which in the near future became very popular among young people. On this channel premieres of clips of domestic and foreign performers were shown.

In addition, viewers could regularly see and hear favorite artists who gave interviews to journalists or participated in any programs.

In 2008, Ilya Bachurin together with Fedor Bondarchuk formed the film television company Glavkino, which specialized in the production of film and television content.

Ilya Bachurin and Fedor Bondarchuk

Today, famous producers of films, commercials and various TV projects work in Glavkino. According to Ilya, the company does not bring any profit to him or Bondarchuk.

Around the same period, the biography of Bachurin was appointed vice-president of the organizing committee of the preparations for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The producer sincerely admitted that it is a great honor for him to take part in such a large-scale project.

Personal life

When Ilya Bachurin was 23 years old, he met his future wife Polina. At that time, the girl worked as an interior designer.

Their family union lasted 12 years. In this marriage, two girls were born to the Bachurins - Yana and Vasilisa.

In 2012, Bachurin met Ravshana Kurkova. For 4 years they lived in a civil marriage, after which they decided to leave.

Ilya Bachurin and Ravshana Kurkova

Nevertheless, young people remained friends and still maintain good relations.

Ilya Bachurin and Sysoeva

Today, rumors have repeatedly appeared in the press that Bachurin and Nadezhda Sysoyeva, a participant in the show "Comedy Woman", have a close relationship.

Ilya Bachurin and Nadezhda Sysoeva

It is worth noting that the producer does not hide the fact that he is meeting with Nadezhda, however he flatly refuses to comment on any issues concerning the wedding.

Ilya Bachurin today

In addition to business, Ilya Viktorovich gives lectures at MGIMO. In conversations with students, he always tries to rely on life experience. In his spare time, he can often be seen at various social events with famous people.

Since Ilya Bachurin is a successful producer and businessman, in the future he will again and again delight fans with new interesting projects.

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