Not yet started

This is a bearded, but very funny joke. The simplicity and at the same time the arrogance of his hero will not be able to leave you indifferent.

So hot summer day. Beer doors open wide, and rare visitors wearily appear and disappear. Heat…

Suddenly a sweating man with burning eyes bursts into the room. Catching his breath for a few seconds, he blurts out a patter:

- Waiter, urgently pour me a glass of beer before it started!

Confused, the waiter fulfills the request. Having gulped down the contents of the glass, the strange visitor asks more desperately:

- Still! Waiter, more likely again! Not started yet!

Not quite understanding what is happening, the young man refills his glass and gives it to the peasant. He again overturns a cool liquid and already more calmly, but persistently, says:

- Still! By-the-eye did not start ...

- Listen, - the waiter does not stand, - and who will pay?

“Well,” says the peasant in a drunken voice, “it has already begun.”

Watch the video: Tauren Wells - God's Not Done With You Official Music Video (April 2020).