Marilyn Monroe photo

Photos of Marilyn Monroe are very popular even though more than half a century has passed since her tragic death. This is probably due to the fact that Monroe was not just a successful Hollywood actress, but also a truly extraordinarily beautiful woman.

By the way, if you are interested in her life, we recommend reading the biography of Marilyn Monroe. Here we decided to collect only her photo.

Marilyn Monroe

Of course, the quality of photos leaves much to be desired, but we tried to make a selection that would best show you the external data of the most popular sex symbol of the middle of the last century.

Here you will find the best, rare and unique photos of marilyn monroe in childhood, adolescence and maturity. At the very end there will be her death photos.

Photo of Merlin

Photos of Marilyn Monroe do not have a chronological reference, so they can be viewed in any order.

Photo of Marilyn in infancy Marilyn Monroe in childhood Monroe in his youth

Virtually the only photo where Marilyn has her hair combed back.

Pictures of Monroe

Below you can see a photo of Marilyn Monroe from the films, as well as from the film sets.

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe Hurt her leg while filming "The River Does Not Flow Reversed" Studio photography of Marilyn Monroe 1947 Photo Monroe in the period of her work as a model (posing for a postcard) Monroe reads Tolstoy's War and Peace Monroe as a mentally ill nanny in the film "You can enter without knocking", 1952 "Asphalt jungle", 1950 "Gentlemen prefer blondes", 1953 Niagara (1953) Marilyn Monroe during a performance on the show for USO, 1954 Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at their wedding, June 29, 1956 With him Monroe at the party, 1953 Marilyn Monroe with her first husband, James Dougherty, 1952Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall in the movie "Marry a Millionaire" (1953) Marilyn loved dogs Photo of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio in San Francisco, 1954 "Bus stop", 1956 Advertising photo of shampoo from Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe at the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio, 1955 "Fight in the Night" (1952) Photo of Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier at the press conference of the film "The Prince and the Dancer" (1957)

Photos of the death of Marilyn Monroe

An interesting fact is that the postmortem photos of Marilyn Monroe are very popular on the Internet for some reason. What is the reason for this is quite difficult to say. But we tried to find rare footage of dead Monroe made in the morgue.

But first, 3 posthumous photos of Monroe, made by police experts at the place of death of the actress.

The last photo of Monroe, which shows her face (made in the morgue)

Marilyn Monroe could not bury a few days, as crowds of fans came to commemorate the stars. I even had to make a death mask and a wig, because the body was damaged during the autopsy.

Marilyn was buried in a puffy pale apple green dress. This dress was her favorite, and she was photographed in it during a press conference in Mexico City in 1962.

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