Plots against humanity

Supporters of the existence of conspiracies often seem to other people frivolous, and even ridiculous. However, sometimes they turn out to be much closer to the truth than the “healthy skeptics” would like.

In this article we will look at the most famous conspiracies against humanity that have passed the test of time. Lovers of mysteries and secrets will be interesting.

In general, we are so arranged that where at least three people are located, there will certainly be two against one conspiracy. If, however, to project this model on all of humanity, is it worth doubting that any conspiracies exist anyway?

So, before you the most famous conspiracies against humanity.

No alcohol law

Conspiracy theory: FBI agents poisoned alcohol during Prohibition.

Proponents of the conspiracy have repeatedly expressed their opinion that the American government was poisoning its people with chemical waste. Many with irony and even sarcasm reacted to such assumptions.

But, as it turned out, the FBI did indeed poison alcohol during Prohibition. They aimed to cause aversion of citizens to any kind of alcohol.

It is worth noting that in America, the dry law operated in the period of 1920-1930, although it was not implemented at all. Most people did not see a threat to themselves in alcohol, as a result of which they were negative about dry law.

In the US, there was the so-called "Sobriety Movement", which advocated the rejection of alcoholic beverages. There were cases when supporters of the movement broke into the bars and destroyed containers with alcohol.

The FBI began to look for ways to help people end this habit. As a result of a conspiracy against humanity, they began to add toxic substances to alcohol. The drinks could contain ammonia, acetone, methane, or even arsenic.

The most commonly used denaturation of ethanol is through the addition of propylene extracted from natural gas and petroleum products. The combination of alcohol with propylene is very effective in disinfecting wounds, but when such a mixture enters the human body, it begins to destroy the internal organs.

Thus, it is not surprising that during the period of dry law, many people died from "alcohol poisoning".

Tonkin Bay

Conspiracy theory: The incident in the Gulf of Tonkin is only half true.

According to the official version of the event in the Gulf of Tonkin occurred instantly. From textbooks, we learn that the main reason for the start of the war between the United States and North Vietnam was an attempt to protect South Viet Nam’s democracy from its pro-communist neighbor.

So, on August 2 and 4, 1964, in the water area between Vietnam and the Chinese island of Hainan, fighting American ships were attacked by torpedo boats of North Vietnam. As a result, the Americans had to return fire, which led to the killing of some Vietnamese sailors.

The US government has announced that Lyndon Johnson is able to help Southeast Asia from the negative influence of communism. So the war began.

For a long time it was hidden from the public that in reality, on August 4, there was no aggression from the North Vietnamese ships. The first conflict on the sea actually was. The American destroyer Maddox joined the battle with three Vietnamese ships, killing several sailors.

But after 2 days the Vietnamese were engaged exclusively in saving their ships, without attacking anyone. However, Johnson publicly stated that Maddox and the destroyer Turner Joy were repeatedly attacked by the Vietnamese. In fact, the second destroyer has never been attacked.

For some time, it was assumed that the CIA deliberately spread misinformation to encourage Americans to go to war against the communist regime. Many officials called for the annexation of the territory of North Vietnam, and, if necessary, Russia together with China, if they begin to interfere.

The situation today has become known that the National Security Agency was engaged in the dissemination of false information and, in fact, a conspiracy against humanity.

Thus, employees of the organization sought to hide the mistakes made by them during the 2nd incident, namely:

  • the Americans radar discovered what they thought was the enemy ships approaching;
  • in reality, these were flashes of light that caused the erroneous readings of the equipment.

The overthrow of the US government by the fascists

Theory: a fascist conspiracy to overthrow the American government.

In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt abandoned the gold standard, deciding to develop the economy based on the US currency. This was particularly beneficial to the UK, because in this case, its citizens could buy goods at lower prices.

Franklin Roosevelt

Many large businessmen believed that without the gold standard it was impossible to achieve economic progress, since gold is not devalued like money.

A year later, Major General Smedley Butler publicly stated that some people from the American Legion movement of war veterans suggested that he participate in the overthrow of Roosevelt. After the coup was planned to establish a fascist government.

An interesting fact is that although Butler was skeptical about Roosevelt's ideas, he did not intend to participate in the coup d'état. Moreover, he was sure that the plan could not be implemented. As a result, he decided to make public the information he received.

On the whole, the statement by Butler caused a mixed reaction in the US Senate. No investigation was conducted. This was due to the absence of any evidence of the existence of the conspiracy, as well as the fact that many of the individuals involved in this case were retired generals and large bank owners.


Conspiracy Theory: The CIA led Naira Al-Sabah to perjure in court.

In 1990, a 15-year-old girl from Kuwait named Naira Al-Sabah testified in a meeting room of the US House. She stated that she had seen with her own eyes how Iraqi soldiers broke into the maternity homes of Kuwait, and then threw the babies onto the cold floor. As a result, inevitable death was waiting for all newborns.

To listen to Naira insisted Tom Lantos, who openly called on the US government to strike at Iraq for the atrocities he committed against the Kuwaiti people.

Naira Al-Sabah testifies

In many ways, the “testimony” of the girl Naira became the basis for the Americans to start a war against Iraq. CIA officials in various ways conveyed Naira’s testimony to the public. As a result, not only all of America, but the whole world learned about this story.

In 1992, the journalist of the newspaper "The New York Times" found that Naira was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. The journalist also proved that the testimony of a teenager was fabricated. As a result, the reporter was able to provide evidence that the CIA helped the former US government to start a war with Iraq solely for the sake of oil.

The Iraqi army did indeed invade Kuwait illegally, but its soldiers did not mock the newborns. When the investigators began questioning the doctors who supported Naira, many of them said that the girl was lying.

It turned out that the CIA paid Naira for giving false testimony, and also taught her acting skills to make the performance look as believable as possible.


Conspiracy Theory: Operation Mockingbird.

Operation Mockingbird began in the 50s on the initiative of Kord Meier and Allen Dulles. Over time, it began to lead Frank Wisher. It was one of the largest conspiracies against humanity.

The purpose of the operation was the subordination of the entire world press to the US authorities. The organization was inclined to cooperate with famous American reporters. Journalists were supposed to inculcate the views of the CIA, forming new cultural associations and publications, using them as a cover.

In 1966, the American political magazine Ramparts published an article that provided evidence that the National Student Association was founded with the direct assistance of the CIA. For the first time the operation was called "Mockingbird" in 1979.

Thanks to "Mockingbird" in Guatemala was organized by the coup d'état against the regime of the communist Jacobo Guzman.

In 1953, the result of the same operation was a coup in Iran. According to experts, Mockingbird influenced half of the world political events of the 20th century.

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