Dmitry Kiselev

Dmitry Kiselev - Russian journalist and broadcaster, general director of the Russian international news agency Russia Today, deputy general director of the VGTRK media holding.

Some believe that Kiselev’s entire biography is connected with political propaganda, while others speak of him as an outstanding and comprehensively developed journalist.

We bring to your attention the main events of Dmitry Kiselev's biography, as well as the most interesting facts from his life.

Biography of Dmitry Kiselev

Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselev was born on April 26, 1954 in Moscow. He grew up and was raised in an intelligent musical family. Even in childhood, the boy received a musical education in the class of guitar.

An interesting fact is that he is a relative of composer and teacher Yuri Shaporin.

Having received a school certificate, Dmitry Kiselev successfully passed the exams at a local medical school. However, he had never had much interest in medicine. For this reason, he decided to go to the University. A.A. Zhdanov in Leningrad, choosing a faculty of philology.

A television

After graduating from high school in 1978, Kiselev settled in the State TV and Radio Company, where he worked for 10 long years. During this time he managed to gain a great deal of experience and hone the professional skills that an announcer should possess.

In 1989, Dmitry Kiselev began working in the program "Time" as a TV presenter and political observer. On the eve of the collapse of the USSR, he was dismissed from the State TV and Radio Company for refusing to inform the authorities about the events in Lithuania.

Then Kiselev was on the staff of the Vesti program, where he was one of the founders of the innovative format of television and radio broadcasting. At the same time, the journalist collaborated with various foreign publications.

In 1992, Dmitry Kiselev began leading the International Panorama on television, which discussed the events that took place this week. Later, as his own reporter, he worked in Finland at the Ostankino agency.

After the murder of Vladislav Listyev in the spring of 1995, Kiselev was claimed to be leading the popular Rush Hour program. In parallel with this, he is transmitting Window to Europe, but leaves it a year later.

In 1997, Dmitry began to conduct the TV show "National Interest". She aired on both Russian and Ukrainian TV. Kiselev also did not briefly conduct the news program "Events". After that, he worked as a journalist, both in Russia and in Ukraine.

In 2003, Ukrainian colleagues working on the ICTV channel accused Kiselev of deliberately distorting the facts. For this reason, the director of the channel, Alexander Bogutsky, decided to dismiss the Russian journalist.

In the period of the biography of 2003-2008. Dmitry Kiselev conducted several rating TV projects, among which were Morning Talk, Authority and Vesti +.

In 2008, he became deputy general director of the VGTRK media holding.

In 2013, Kiselev took the post of general director of the Russia Today international news agency. According to the order of Vladimir Putin, it, above all, was supposed to highlight the policy of the Russian Federation and talk about the state of affairs in the state.

The following year, the agency expanded its activities. "Russia Today" began its broadcasting in dozens of countries, trying to show viewers their vision of developments in the world.

Criticism and scandals

After Dmitry Kiselev became the head of the Russia Today news agency, he was criticized in many states.

The journalist was called “pro-Kremlin” or “pro-Putin” TV presenter, and also spoke of his intolerance towards members of sex minorities.

The media has repeatedly appeared information that the creation of "Russia Today" is another attempt by Putin to take control of the press.

Kiselev suffered even greater harassment in Ukraine, where all the media called him "the Kremlin's mouthpiece", "pro-Putin propagandist" and "supporter of the Russian peace" in the Crimea and the Donbas. The provision for today, TV presenter denied entry to the EU and Ukraine.

In 2016, it became known about hacking email Dmitry Kiselev. Hackers said that they managed to seize a huge amount of information in excess of 10 GB. According to the hackers, they found a lot of compromising material concerning the money and real estate of a journalist.

Since Kiselev is one of the most popular and discussed leaders, he somehow finds himself embroiled in various scandals. Nevertheless, genuine interest from society continues to grow.

Dmitry Kiselev knows 4 languages, is an expert in music, literature and art. It is honored to give him an interview, both domestic and foreign celebrities.

Personal life

In the biography of Kiselev was a lot of women. An interesting fact is that before the age of 23, he managed to marry and divorce three times. Today, he has his seventh wife! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but consider all marriages in order.

The first wife of Dmitry Konstantinovich was Alain, with whom he met in his youth. After marriage, their marriage did not last a year. After that, Natalya and Tatiana became his wives, with whom he met in high school.

The fourth time Kiselev went to the altar when he worked at the State Radio and Television. His beloved was called Elena Borisova. In this union, they had a boy, Gleb. A year after the birth of the first child, their marriage broke up.

Natalia became the fifth wife in Kiselev's biography, but Dmitry did not live long with this girl either. After parting with her, he fell in love with British Kelly Richdale, with whom he worked on the project "Window to Europe". However, having lived together for only a year, the couple decided to leave.

With the seventh wife, Maria Georgievna, Kiselev met in the Crimea. They started dating and soon decided to sign.

Dmitry Kiselev and his wife Maria

Maria has a son Fedor from a previous marriage. At the moment, the couple had two children in common - Constantine and Barbara.

On the Internet, you can find Dmitry Kiselev's accounts on various social networks, but the fact that they belong to him causes great doubts.

Kiselev and Dud

In 2019, Kiselev became a guest of the internet project “Vud”, where he gave a great and interesting interview to Yuri Dudiu. Many critics and ordinary viewers liked the way a journalist behaved in front of an interviewer.

Dmitry Kiselev and Yury Dud

There were several moments when Dud, wanting to embarrass Kiselev, himself found himself in a very confused and stupid position.

Dmitry Kiselev masterfully answered the most provocative questions and a couple of times accused Yuri of the unreliability of the information given by him.

As a result, even those people who have a negative attitude towards Kiselyov, noted his wit and wit, and Dud received a huge number of critical comments and accusations that he was “terribly prepared for the interview.”

Dmitry Kiselev today

The situation today Kiselev continues to conduct the program "News of the Week." In addition, he attends various social events and becomes a guest of various programs.

In 2019, a video was shot with Dmitry Konstantinovich, in which he read rap. In this composition, he celebrated his homeland and spoke of its invincibility. At the end of the clip, the host invited everyone to the Crimea for a rap festival.

Since Dmitry Konstantinovich continues to be in the center of attention and is considered one of the most famous Russian journalists, fans will see him more than once in various projects.

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