Ali Ersan Duru

Ali Ersan Duru - famous Turkish film actor and model. In his biography there are a lot of rating pictures, but the television series "The Sultan of My Heart" brought him the most popularity. In it, he brilliantly played Mahmud 2, having won the hearts of many women.

So, before you is a short biography of Ali Duru.

Biography of Ali Duru

Ali Ersan Duru was born on September 19, 1984 in Ankara. He grew up in a wealthy family.

His father was in the tourism business, and his mother raised 5 sons and followed the farm.

Childhood and youth

Parents have spoiled Ali since childhood, because he was the youngest child. However, this did not prevent him from studying well at school and high school. It was during this period of biography that he became interested in theater.

In addition, Ali Duru was fond of aeromodelling, and therefore wanted to become a pilot. When the head of the family found out about this, he was going to send his son to the cadet corps.

However, having thought it over well, the father changed his mind. He understood that Ali could hardly become a disciplined cadet and fulfill all the demands of the leaders.

After graduating from school, the future actor entered the university, choosing the financial and economic faculty. Father and mother wanted him to become a banker. During his studies, Ali was still interested in theatrical life, for which reason he began to attend student theater.

Parents were looking forward to returning his son home, where he was supposed to get a job at the bank, like his brothers. But instead, they heard the news that shook them.

Ali Duru said he did not want to link his life with financial activities. He admitted that he was going to go to Istanbul to get an acting education.

Although the father and mother were not enthusiastic about Ali's act, they could not do anything. Once in Istanbul, he studied stage skills in the studio Shahiki Tekand.

During this period, the biography of Ali Ersan Duru had to work as a waiter and model to make ends meet. However, he was happy to do what he loved.


The key moment in the creative biography of Ali Duru was acquaintance with the people who worked in the production company "Boyut Film". When he was 26 years old, he first appeared on the big screen in the television series Tulips Time.

After that, Ali Duru starred in the comedy film "Thanks to love." At this time, he was noticed by film director Mahsun Kyrmyzygül. He liked Ali's game so much that he offered the young actor to play in the multi-part film "Life Goes On".

Later, the artist got a key role in the historical film "Canakkale Year 1915". It described the events of the First World War (1914-1918), which brought the Turks a lot of grief and tears.

After that, many directors began to offer various interesting roles to the talented actor.

In the period of the biography of 2013-2016. Ali Duru starred in such TV shows as "Escaping the Rain", "The Resurrected Ertugrul" and "Wonderful Son-in-law." As a result, he became popular not only in his homeland, but also far beyond its borders.

In 2018, the premiere of the Russian-Turkish serial “Sultan of my heart” took place, where Ali Ersan Duru was approved for the main role.

He managed to incredibly accurately convey the image of the Ottoman Sultan, who loved the daughter of an official in the embassy of the Russian Empire.

Ali Ersan Duru and Alexander Nikiforov in the TV series "Sultan of my heart"

In an interview, Ali Duru said that during the filming of a television series, he felt a certain responsibility.

According to him, any actor playing historical heroes is obliged to adhere to a specific framework in order to convey the character of his character as accurately as possible.

Personal life

Not much is known about Ali Ersan Duru’s personal life. For a while, he met with actress Burju Ozberk, whom he met while filming Wonderful Son-in-law. Then he had a relationship with the Turkish model and actress Bestemsu Ozdemir for 2 years.

Ali Ersan Duru and Burcu Ozberk

Ali Duru was also often seen in company with the actress Jansu Tosun, however it was difficult to say whether there were any feelings between them. After the television series Sultan of My Heart was completed, many expected the Turk to begin an affair with Alexandra Nikiforova, who played the main female role.

Journalists endlessly attacked the actors with questions about their relationship. As a result, Ali and Alexandra had to publicly state that they are just friends. At the moment, the man is not married to anyone.

In his free time, Ali Duru loves to play sports. He regularly visits the gym, thanks to which he has an athletic physique. Ali's another weakness is shopping. He likes to dress beautifully and be attractive to the opposite sex.

Recently Ali Duru admitted that he wants to play with Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.

Ali Ersan Duru today

In 2019, Ali Duru's creative biography was replenished with the TV series "The Resurrected Ertugrul". He joined the cast in season 5, and the television project itself has been broadcast since 2014.

Ali Duru has an account on Instagram, where he regularly uploads his photos. As a result, fans can follow his personal life and professional growth.

Since Ali Ersan Duru is at the peak of his popularity, he will appear on the big screen in rating films and TV shows.

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