Biography of Igor Nikolayev

Igor Yuryevich Nikolaev - Soviet and Russian composer, singer, musician, songwriter, producer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Over the years of his biography, he managed to write many hits, including Dolphin and Mermaid, Taxi, Taxi, Five Reasons, Raspberry Wine and many others.

So, before you is a short biography of Igor Nikolaev.

Childhood and youth

Igor Nikolaev was born on January 17, 1960 on Sakhalin, in the small town of Kholmsk. His father, Yuri Ivanovich, was a poet and captain of the long voyage, which is why all his poetry was inextricably linked with the maritime theme. The man was in the Union of Soviet Writers.

Igor's mother, Svetlana Mitrofanovna, worked as an accountant. Since his father was often not at home, the boy spent most of his time with his mother. Already at the beginning of his biography, he was seriously interested in music, went in for sports and read various books.

When the mother saw that her son had music skills, she gave him to the violin music studio. Having received a school certificate, Nikolaev entered the local music school. However, having studied it all year, he decided to quit everything and go to Moscow in search of a better life.

Arriving in the capital, Igor successfully passed the exams at the music school at the Moscow Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. In 1980 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture.


After receiving the diploma, Igor Nikolaev comes to the attention of Alla Pugacheva, who invites him to work as a keyboard player in his Recital. Soon the guy shows himself not only as a talented musician, but also as a composer.

Igor Nikolaev in his youth

During this biography period, Nikolayev wrote for the prima donna the songs "Iceberg", "Tell the Birds" and "The Ferryman", which instantly become hits. Soon he wrote another Komarovo hit, which Igor Sklyar performed superbly.

In 1986, Nikolaev decides for the first time to go on stage as a vocalist. His song "The Mill" has gained immense popularity. After that, he performed such hits as “Raspberry Wine”, “Let's Drink for Love” and “Congratulations”, which are still being played on radio stations.

Then Igor Nikolaev goes on a tour of Japan with Pugacheva. In 1988 he was invited to perform at the famous festival "Song of the Year", where he performed his new song "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors".

This composition also had a smashing success among his fans.

Later Nikolaev meets the little-known singer Natasha Korolev, who played an important role in his biography. Young people cause each other mutual interest, as a result of which they begin active cooperation. Soon, they duet such hits as "Dolphin and Mermaid", "Winter Months" and "Taxi".

These and other compositions became so popular that they were noticed not only in Russia, but also abroad. This led to the fact that Nikolaev, together with the Queen, gave a number of concerts in America.

Every year the creative biography of Igor Yuryevich was replenished with new compositions that he successfully performed on stage. In the late 90s, the singer began to organize creative evenings, where the stars of the national stage were present.

In 2000, Igor Nikolaev presented the album "A Broken Cup of Love". After this, his new record "Five Reasons" is released, for which he won the prestigious Golden Gramophone award. During this period, he is experiencing a special creative upsurge, in connection with which new hits appear every year, which he performs solo or in duet with other artists.

In 2006, Nikolayev was awarded the Order of Peter the Great, 1 degree and the Order of Service to Art. Then he becomes the author of the super-popular TV project "Two Stars", where our hero's songs were performed.

In 2008, Igor Nikolaev organizes a recital with the participation of famous singers. In the framework of this project, he performs, together with Yulia Proskuryakova, a new song “Something in this”. An interesting fact is that later the girl will become the third spouse of the musician.

Masters of the national stage seek to cooperate with Igor, realizing that his compositions are doomed to success.

As a result, he wrote songs for such artists as Irina Allegrova, Philip Kirkorov, Iosif Kobzon, Jasmin, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Lev Leschenko and many others. It is difficult to find any pop performer in the repertoire, which would not have been the songs of Nikolaev.

The musician has repeatedly been a part of the judicial brigades at various popular festivals. In addition, Igor Yurievich likes to attend poetry contests. In an interview, he admitted that one of his favorite poets is Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Personal life

The first wife in the biography of Igor Nikolaev was Elena Kudryasheva, with whom he studied in the same class. In this marriage, they had a girl Julia. An interesting fact is that both spouses at the time of the birth of their daughter were only 18 years old.

However, soon their feelings for each other cooled, and the couple decided to part with each other. The next hobby of Nikolaev was Natalya Koroleva. There was much in common between young people, for which reason they began a tumultuous romance. As a result, the artists got married and became one of the most discussed couples in the country.

Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva

An interesting fact is that the real surname of Natasha is Break, and the Queen is just her pseudonym coined by Igor. Initially, between the spouses was a complete idyll, but later everything changed. Having lived together for 7 years, they broke up.

Later Natasha admitted that she could no longer look at how her lover cheated on her with other women. When the girl began the divorce proceedings, he was discussed by the whole country. Igor did not want to let go of the Queen, making loving confessions in front of the public, but this gave no results.

Nikolaev suffered a very difficult divorce and began a search for a new girl who looked like his second wife. A few years later Julia Proskuryakova appeared in his biography, which was somewhat similar to Natasha Koroleva. Their acquaintance happened very unusual and in their own way romantic.

One day, Yulia and her friend went to a concert of Nikolayev, which was held in their city. After the performance, she managed to squeeze into the stage of the singer to demonstrate his vocal abilities. It is worth noting that at that time the girl was engaged in vocal.

Igor Nikolaev appreciated the talent of a stranger and even advised Yulia to send him his notes. Later, when she wanted to return the disk, the musician offered Proskuryakova to stay in Moscow. And although their relationship did not develop so quickly, they led to a wedding that took place in 2010.

Five years later, the couple was born girl Veronica. An interesting fact is that if the Queen was younger than Nikolaev by 13 years, the third wife was 22 years younger! However, this marriage was strong and happy. Spouses periodically perform on stage in a duet, as well as traveling to different countries.

Igor Nikolaev today

Igor Nikolaev continues to perform on stage and also collaborates with other artists. In 2018, he sang his song “Let's Drink for Love” in a new way with Emma Blinkova, better known as Emma M.

In 2018, Nikolaev appeared in the Snickers commercial. In the same year, he and his wife participated in the shooting of the youth comedy "Happiness! Health!".

Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia Proskuryakova

Not so long ago, Igor Yuryevich's poetry collection "Songs and Artists" was published. The book cover was decorated with portraits of famous Russian artists.

Mykolaiv successfully tours the cities of Russia, and also appears at the benefit of his friends. He is often invited to various TV shows as a guest, where he shares new details from his biography.

Since Igor Nikolaev continues to be at the peak of popularity, he will once again please fans with new songs and projects.

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