Why Einstein showed language

Why Einstein showed language on the famous photo? This question interests a lot of people, because photography, in which the great scientist stuck out his tongue, is one of the most popular in the world. But what made Einstein take such a step?

In 1951, Albert Einstein celebrated his 72nd birthday at Princeton University. Many friends and colleagues came to congratulate the famous scientist, along with many journalists. Toward the end of the holiday, the physicist, together with the Eidelot family, decided to leave the event.

Albert and his friends got into the car that was waiting for them, and already wanted to leave. Suddenly, the rear door of the car opened abruptly, after which the satisfied face of the photographer Arthur Sasse pushed into the salon. Without losing time, he quickly directed the camera lens on the birthday and said: "Yes, smile, professor!".

Such arrogance on the part of Sasse enraged Einstein. It seemed to him that during the holiday he was photographed quite often anyway. In this regard, the scientist wanted to teach a nagah a lesson, using a judo forceful device against him, which one master had taught him.

Nevertheless, the professor did not succeed in maneuvering. As a result, Einstein simply showed the language without knowing how to proceed.

An interesting fact is that the physicist was sure that the camera simply did not have enough time to take a picture. However, Albert Einstein did not take into account the fact that Arthur Sasse was the most advanced at that time camera "Contax IIIa" with interchangeable lens and fast shutter.

Thanks to high-class technology, the reporter managed to capture Einstein in the photo just at the moment when he was showing the language.

As a result, the snapshot gained incredible popularity around the world. Arthur was like a small child rejoicing at the work done. He hoped to get a lot of money from the image of Einstein with his tongue sticking out.

However, when the press photographer brought the film to one well-known publication, he did not see any interest in his material. Moreover, the chief editor advised Sasse to get rid of the film, asserting that his photograph could lead to a big scandal.

Coming out of the editorial office, the journalist did not know how best to proceed. Having drunk a couple of glasses for courage, he sent a photograph to Einstein himself. She attached a note with a request to publish the picture.

When the famous physicist saw his photo with his tongue hanging out, he was delighted. Einstein personally called the photographer and thanked him for his work. Then he dialed the chief editor by phone, asking him to place his image on the front page of newspapers. In this case, the physicist recalled that the guy should pay a decent fee.

In a matter of hours, a picture of Einstein with his tongue sticking out became wildly popular. An interesting fact is that the professor personally sent out his physiognomy with his tongue sticking out to many friends as a greeting card.

It should be noted that Arthur himself showed only 9 original photographic cards. On one of them, Einstein made the following inscription: "You will like this gesture, since it is intended for all mankind." After that, the picture was donated to the scientist’s friend, reporter Howard Smith.

In 2009, the second original photo for $ 74,325 went to auction at auction. Its owner was a collector of autographs of famous scientists - David Waxman.

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